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Animal Planet Is Adding an Adult Dog Version of the "Puppy Bowl"



Animal Planet knows EVERYONE loves the "Puppy Bowl", and they hope that someday, all those people will actually tune in to watch it.  And in an effort to further entice you, they're making it a FRANCHISE.


"CSI" begot "CSI: Miami" . . . "Law & Order" begot "Law & Order: SVU" . . . "The Real Housewives of Orange County"begot a never-ending nightmare of "Real Housewives" in various cities.


And now, Animal Planet is launching "Dog Bowl".  It's just like the "Puppy Bowl" you've come to love over the past 14 years, but with ADULT dogs from shelters who want to be adopted. 


There's no airdate yet . . . but it'll air sometime in the lead-up to the next "Puppy Bowl" this winter.



Angelina Jolie Was Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy . . . and Says Things "Got Bad" with Brad Pitt


It's been almost a year since ANGELINA JOLIE's marriage with BRAD PITT blew up.  And she finally talks about it in a new interview with "Vanity Fair" . . . but naturally, she didn't get into anything TOO juicy.


In fact, she was vague and did a lot of beating around the bush.  She said, quote, "It's just been the hardest time, and we're just kind of coming up for air . . . we're all trying to do our best to heal as our family . . . things got bad . . .


"I don't want to use that word . . . things became 'difficult.'"


We've heard that SOMETHING happened between Brad and the kids . . . specifically between Brad and Maddox, but Angelina wouldn't go into specifics.  She said, quote, "We're all just healing from the events that led to the filing . . .


"[The kids are] not healing from the divorce.  They’re healing from some . . . from life, from things in life." 


She said her nine-year-old son Knox put it into perspective when he told her, quote, "Who wants to be normal?  We're not normal.  Let's never be normal." 


("My name is 'Knox' for crying out loud!"  He didn't actually say that . . . but it would've boosted his argument.)


Elsewhere in the interview, Angelina talked about being diagnosed with hypertension and Bell's Palsy . . . where weakness in the muscles on one half of the face can cause that side to droop.


But the Bell's Palsy shouldn't affect her career.  In fact, Angelina said acupuncture helped her make a full recovery.


Also, she said she's been working on becoming better at domestic life.  She's enrolled in cooking classes, she's reading the kids bedtime stories, she's doing the dishes, and she's even, quote, "picking up dog poop."


They DO have dogs . . . it isn't just a random thing she's going around the neighborhood doing.






Caitlyn Jenner Wants President Trump to Immediately Reverse His Ban on Transgenders in the Military


PRESIDENT TRUMP's Twitter announcement yesterday that he was banning transgender people from serving in the military took a lot of people off guard.  Including CAITLYN JENNER.


When he was on the campaign trail last spring, Trump seemed to show opposition to so-called "bathroom bills" by assuring Caitlyn she could use whatever bathroom she wanted to at Trump Tower.  And Caitlyn famously took him up on it.


Obviously, Caitlyn is NOT down with the President's new position.  She Tweeted, quote, "The President must ask himself which side of history he will be on, and reverse his position immediately.


"There are 15,000 patriotic transgender Americans in the US military fighting for all of us.  What happened to your promise to fight for them?"


She also posted a much longer response on her website, calling it a "half-baked idea" and saying it "puts all of our service members in harm's way."  (Check out more celebrity reactions here and here.)




Justin Bieber Hit Someone With His Truck Last Night and Put The Guy in the Hospital


JUSTIN BIEBER hit a photographer with his truck last night and put the guy in the hospital.


Justin was leaving a church event in Beverly Hills when the paparazzi blocked his path, and he accidentally hit one of them while gunning his engine.


The good news is, the 57-year-old photographer is going to be okay.  It's not clear yet how badly he was hurt, but we do know that his injuries weren't life threatening.


Bieber got out of his truck and stayed with the guy for about 10 minutes until the paramedics got there and took him to the hospital.  The cops questioned Justin but let him leave the scene, and didn't issue him a citation.


(TMZ had video of the moment of impact.)



Drinking Soda with a Meal Makes You Store More Fat

Sugary drinks like soda are the largest source of sugar in the average American's diet.  And there are a lot of empty calories in there that can make you gain weight.  Now here's ANOTHER reason to skip that soda and drink water instead . . .

Researchers in North Dakota just did a study to find out how your body metabolizes food when you're drinking soda, or anything that's high in sugar.  And they basically found it tricks your body into storing more FAT.
They did two tests.  One where people had sugary drinks with meals that were high in protein.  And one where they had the same meal, but their drink had no sugar in it.
It turned out that when people had that extra sugar, it slowed down the way your body metabolizes fat by 8%.  So more calories ended up getting stored as fat.
Having a sugary drink also made people more likely to crave salty, unhealthy food four hours after they ate.  Which won't help your waistline either.
They still need to do more research to confirm the findings.  And all the people in the study were at a healthy weight.  So it's not clear how that extra sugar affects your metabolism if you're already overweight.
But if you needed another reason to drink less soda, there you go.  (AJC)


Firefighters Saved a Dog Using an Oxygen Mask Donated by Girl Scouts


Firefighters in Bakersfield, California rescued a little white Shih Tzu from a house fire last Wednesday.  And when they got it outside, it wasn't moving.


But luckily, they had an oxygen mask specifically made for dogs and cats.  So they started using it and basically brought the dog back to life.


And check this out.  The only reason they had a mask like that is because a group of GIRL SCOUTS raised $2,400 back in 2015 to buy 37 of them . . . one for every single fire engine in the city.


The fire department posted a video of them giving the dog oxygen.  At the beginning, he's not moving.  But by the end, he's sitting up.  (Here's the video.)


He ended up with some burns to his feet, but should be fine.  They posted a photo two days later of him with the firefighter who carried him out.


And here's some more Girl Scout-related good news:  The Girl Scouts announced this week that they're adding 23 new merit badges that are all related to STEM education . . . which stands for "science, technology, engineering, and math."


The point is to expose more girls to skills in those fields.  They also announced a new cybersecurity badge last month. 


(ABC News / Facebook / CNN)


(Here's a photo of the fireman with the dog he rescued.)





The 10 Things Parents Do to Prepare For a Vacation

It's sad, but once you become a parent, the goal of vacations goes from "relax" to . . . "survive."
A new survey asked parents how they prepare for the crucial first day of a vacation.  Here are the 10 steps they take . . .
1.  Bringing games and books.
2.  Having a first aid kit ready.
3.  Packing emergency snacks.
4.  Covering the kids in sunscreen and bug spray before they go anywhere.
5.  Bringing their, quote, "familiar comforts" like a stuffed animal or blanket, so the new space feels like home.
6.  Packing key items at the top of the suitcase.
7.  Researching the fastest way to get to places like the beach.
8.  Making sure to have chargers at the top of the suitcase.
9.  Signing the kids up for activities before they get there.
10.  Renting a stroller.  (PR Newswire)


What's the Hardest Snack to Stop Eating Once You've Started?


The old slogan for Pringles potato chips was, "Once you pop, you can't stop."  And apparently it wasn't just marketing nonsense.  It's scientifically accurate . . .


More than 2,700 people recently took a survey to find out the hardest foods to stop eating once you've started.  And salty stuff like potato chips took the top spot.  Here are the top five . . .


1.  Chips, pretzels, and other salty snacks.  35% of people said they have a hard time stopping once they've started.  (Here's an old Pringles ad from the '90s.)





2.  Candy, not including chocolate, 18%.  So stuff like Skittles and Starburst.


3.  Chocolate, 12%.  That includes candy bars, like Snickers and Butterfingers.


4.  Crackers and other bread-based snacks, 11%.  So things like Cheez-Its.


5.  Cheese, 10%.  String cheese might be one of the main culprits there.  (Here's a scene from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" after Charlie eats too much cheese before a date.)


(PR Newswire)



A Guy Sets a Guinness World Record for Most One-Handed Hand Claps


A man from the Netherlands set a "Guinness World Record" for the most one-handed claps in one minute.  His 427 claps destroyed the previous record of 403.  In case you're thinking of taking up the sport:  One-handed clapping is defined as using the fingers of one hand to hit the palm of the same hand.


(Search for "Most One-Handed Claps In One Minute.")






Being Neurotic Helps You Live Longer?

Do you slather your hands with Purell before you eat?  Do you thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables?  Do you actually go to the dentist every six months like you're supposed to but NO ONE else does?
Congratulations.  You're going to outlive us all.
A new study found that people who are NEUROTIC have a lower risk of dying than people who are calmer and more relaxed.
And the researchers say it's because those neurotic tendencies have positive benefits when it comes to making healthier choices or going to the doctor EARLY when something might be wrong.  
(Daily Mail)


Are You Counting Down the Days Until Your Kids Go Back to School?

We're wrapping up July, which means your kids are probably a month or so away from going back to school.
Although I didn't really need to say "a month or so" . . . because you know the EXACT number of days.
According to a new survey, the majority of parents say they're COUNTING DOWN the days until their kids go back to school . . . and they'll feel relieved once the school year starts again.  (PR Newswire)


Justin Bieber Didn't Quit His Tour to Start His Own Church



Some reports out of Australia yesterday claimed that JUSTIN BIEBER was quitting his tour early . . . because he wanted to devote his time to STARTING HIS OWN CHURCH.


Justin is a Christian, and he's talked about how his faith keeps him grounded . . . and if that's the case, he could probably use all the religion he can get.  But don't expect him to launch the 'Justin's Purpose Church.'


The paparazzi asked him about it, and he denied it.


Meanwhile, another possible explanation for his tour cancellation has surfaced, and it's MUCH more believable.  Sources told"Billboard" that while the tour was successful, sales for the last leg were soft.


Just one of the 14 shows left was sold out.  And almost all of them had 5,000 to 12,000 tickets available on the secondary market, often priced well below face value.  


Naturally, that made it hard for Justin to sell any more tickets . . . leaving large sections of the stadium that were unsold.



Joey Lawrence Says a "Blossom" Reunion Could Happen!

No matter what MAYIM BIALIK does, from her Ph.D. in neuroscience to her role in the biggest comedy on TV, "The Big Bang Theory", the world will never forget she was "Blossom".  And get this:  She might be Blossom again!
JOEY LAWRENCE says, quote, "Mayim and I talk frequently.  Mayim is interested in doing some type of reunion with the show and so am I, if we can find the right piece and the right way in for a reboot / reunion . . . 
"We're trying to find the right way in.  Then we're down!"  


A Study Finds 99% of Donated NFL Players' Brains Have CTE



The "American Medical Association" put out a new study, showing that a shocking 99% of donated NFL players' brains have CTE. That stands for 'Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy' . . . and it's the degenerative brain disease linked to repeated blows to the head.


A neuropathologist examined the brains of 202 deceased football players, and of those, 111 played in the NFL.  And of those 111, 110 were found to have CTE.  Yes, only ONE of the brains had no signs of the disease.


It's worth pointing out that the families of these players specifically donated the brains to science because they suspected brain injuries . . . so it's not a completely random sample of NFL players. 


Still, 99% IS pretty shocking, and does raise concerns about the link between football and brain injury.


The researchers say about 1,200 other NFL players have died since they started looking at the brains.  And even if ALL of them were negative for CTE, if you include the 110 that were, the minimum CTE prevalence would still be close to 9%, vastly higher than in the general population.


By the way, CTE can only be diagnosed after death, with an autopsy.  So even though the families may have seen some symptoms of brain damage, they wouldn't know if their loved one actually had it.


CTE doesn't usually start showing up until years after the concussions and other blows to the head have stopped.  And it can lead to all kinds of problems, including memory loss, confusion, depression, and dementia.


The brains in the study were from players as young as 23, and as old as 89.  They're also from virtually every position on the field, including quarterbacks, running backs, linemen, and even a place-kicker and a punter.


They've identified a lot of the players whose brains were used, and there are even images of some of their brains.  The player whose brain tested negative was one of the ones that they haven't been authorized to publicly identify.


If you also count the players who DIDN'T play in the NFL, the CTE rate was 88% . . . 177 out of 202 brains.  (NY Times)



The "MTV Video Music Award" Nominees Are Out


The nominees for the "MTV Video Music Awards" were announced, and Kendrick Lamar leads the way with eight, including nods for Video of the Year and Artist of the Year.  Katy Perry and The Weeknd are next with five.


The nominees for Video of the Year are:  "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar"Reminder" by The Weeknd"24K Magic" by Bruno Mars"Scars to Your Beautiful" by Alessia Cara, and "Wild Thoughts" by DJ Khaled.


MTV eliminated the 'gendered' categories of Best Female Video and Best Male Video, and replaced them with ARTIST of the Year.  The nominees for that are:  Bruno MarsKendrick LamarThe WeekndEd SheeranAriana Grande, and Lorde.


They also added a category called 'Best Fight Against the System,' which will go to the artist who inspires viewers to stand up and fight injustice. 


The biggest snub was probably "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which didn't get any nominations.


The ceremony is Sunday, August 27th in L.A.  There's no word on a host or any performers yet. 


Voting is now open at VMA.MTV.com.




Here are all the "VMA" categories you care about:



Video of the Year:


Kendrick Lamar"Humble"

Bruno Mars"24K Magic"

Alessia Cara"Scars to Your Beautiful"

DJ Khaled"Wild Thoughts"

The Weeknd"Reminder"



Artist of the Year:


Bruno Mars

Kendrick Lamar

Ed Sheeran

Ariana Grande

The Weeknd




Best New Artist:



Kodak Black


Young M.A

Julia Michaels

Noah Cyrus



Best Pop Video:


Shawn Mendes"Treat You Better"

Ed Sheeran"Shape of You"

Harry Styles"Sign of the Times"

Fifth Harmony"Down"

Katy Perry"Chained to the Rhythm"

Miley Cyrus"Malibu"



Best Hip-Hop Video:


Kendrick Lamar"Humble"

Big Sean"Bounce Back"

Chance the Rapper"Some Drugs"


Migos"Bad & Boujee"

DJ Khaled"I'm the One"



Best Rock Video:


Coldplay"A Head Full of Dreams"

Fall Out Boy"Young and Menace"

Twenty One Pilots"HeavyDirtySoul"

Green Day"Bang Bang"

Foo Fighters"Run"



Best Dance Video:


Zedd and Alessia Cara"Stay"

Kygo and Selena Gomez"It Ain't Me"

Calvin Harris"My Way"

Major Lazer"Cold Water"

Afrojack and Ty Dolla Sign"Gone"



Best Collaboration:


Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez"We Don't Talk Anymore"

DJ KhaledRihanna, and Bryson Tiller"Wild Thoughts"

D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty"Broccoli"

The Chainsmokers and Halsey"Closer"

Calvin HarrisPharrellKaty Perry, and Big Sean"Feels"

Zayn and Taylor Swift"I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)"



Best 'Fight Against the System:


Logic"Black SpiderMan"

The "Hamilton" mixtape, "Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)"

Big Sean"Light"

Alessia Cara"Scars to Your Beautiful"

Taboo and Shailene Woodley"Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL"

John Legend"Surefire"



(You can read the full list of all the nominees, including the 'professional categories' like Best Choreography and Best Editing, at the "VMA" website.)



Would You let Your Employer Implant a Microchip in Your Hand?


On August 1, one company in Wisconsin will start implanting some of their employees with microchips that will allow them to open doors, pay for purchases, share business cards, store medical information, pay for stuff at other RFID terminals and login to their computers . . all with a wave of the hand.
Three Square Market, a developer of software used in vending machines, is offering all of its employees the option to get a microchip implanted between the thumb and forefinger. It's quick, painless and the company will even pick up the $300 fee. And don't worry-there's no GPS tracking capability ... yet.
The company is expecting 50 of its employees to voluntarily sign up for the implants.
The future is here. Would you do this?  Let us know on our Facebook page



Manchester Police Chief Willard Talks About New Signage Around the City


“Your generosity could lead to a fatality.”
The city of Manchester has begun putting up signs designed to discourage people from giving money to panhandlers and instead fonate to local charities.
Chief Nick Willard says that about 15 or 16 signs have already been placed around the city in areas that panhandlers frequent. He says the city is working with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation to get approval to put the signs at the end of highways off ramps. 
Nazzy and Tara spoke with Chief Willard about the signs and about the dangers of giving money to panhandlers. They also spoke about a random act of kindness from a teenager. 



Discovery Says They Never Claimed Michael Phelps Would Race a Shark "Side By Side"


The Discovery Channel claims people should NOT be upset that MICHAEL PHELPS didn't race an actual shark in real-time . . . because they never said that's how it would go down.


They say, quote, "The show took smart science and technology to make the challenge more accessible and fun.  All the promotion, interviews and the program itself made clear that the challenge wasn't a side-by-side race."


Well, that's not 100% true. 


It seemed like they were INTENTIONALLY being cagey about the specifics to drum up interest in the race. 


Nonetheless, COMMON SENSE should've told you that there was no way Michael could race a real Great White through the ocean side-by-side.  I mean, come on.




A Marine's Son Gets Overwhelmed During His Stepmom's Vows


Two Marines got married in Ripley, in upstate New York on Saturday . . . a Sergeant named Joshua Newville and a Senior Airman named Emily Leehan.  And Joshua has a four-year-old son named Gage from a previous relationship.


Well . . . during the ceremony, while Emily was saying her vows, she called Gage up to say a few things to him.


And when she started talking about their future as a stepmom and stepson, Gage was OVERWHELMED . . . and he started crying and hugging her.


The video of the moment is now going viral.


Emily says she included Gage because, quote, "When I was vowing to be Josh's wife, I was also vowing to be his stepmom.  I wanted him to feel special and to remind him of how much he means to me."


Joshua and Emily are both still on active duty, so now they're back at their base in New York . . . with Gage, and a whole unexpected level of viral fame. 


(New York Upstate


(Search "Marines wedding vows" on YouTube to check out the video.)





Dogs Go Through a Moody Teenage Phase Just Like We Do


If you just got a new puppy, don't be surprised when he starts dressing in all black, writing mediocre and over-the-top depressing poetry, and locking himself in his room to listen to Morrissey.


According to a study out of the University of Nottingham in England, DOGS go through a moody teenage phase just like we do.


And it hits when they're approximately eight months old.


So how do they show it?  The researchers say, quote, "Most owners report that previously learned commands are forgotten, their dogs become very impulsive and easily distracted, and their behavior becomes a bit erratic."


On the bright side, it won't last . . . and they should mature out of it pretty quickly. 


(The Sun)


(And, according to another study commissioned by Amazon, your dog may actually be able to TELL you about their feelings soon.  They say we're less than 10 years away from DOG TRANSLATORS.)  



Microsoft Is Killing Off Paint After 32 Glorious, Pixelated Years


The first time you got a computer with Windows, you probably found Microsoft Paint . . . their little piece of software that let you make illustrations that were amateurish and crude in a charming way.


So this is kind of weirdly sad:  Yesterday, Microsoft announced they're killing off Paint after 32 years of including it standard in every single version of Windows.


The reaction online was nothing short of DEVASTATION, with tons of nostalgic people getting upset that the mediocre painting program from their youth was now going to be history. 


(The Verge)



We Break the Law an Average of 32 Times a Year . . . and Don't Think It's a Big Deal


98% of people think they're law-abiding citizens, according to a new survey.  And man, are WE in denial.


Because it turns out we ACTUALLY break the law about 32 times a year, and we barely even think about it.


The main crimes we commit are things like using someone's WiFi without permission, honking our horns excessively, and, of course, texting and driving. 


(Daily Mail)



Justin Bieber Canceled the Rest of His Tour, So He Can "Ride Some Bikes"


JUSTIN BIEBER abruptly canceled the last 14 dates on his tour.  But don't worry, there's nothing wrong.  Justin just wanted some time to himself so he could RIDE BIKES.


He told the paparazzi, quote, "Yeah, everything's fine.  I've been on tour for two years.  [I'm] just resting, getting some relaxation.  We're going to ride some bikes."


When asked if he had a message for the fans, he said, quote, "I love you guys, I think you guys are awesome.  I'm sorry for anyone who feels, like, disappointed or betrayed, it's not in my heart or anything and have a blessed day."


Of course, a lot of crazed fans ARE losing their marbles over this . . . but JOHN MAYER is coming to Justin's defense. 


He Tweeted, "When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going.  We've lost so many great artists lately.  I give Justin thumbs up for realizing it was time to call it.  You should too."  


Justin's tour kicked off in March of last year, and he has performed 152 shows in that time.




President Trump Vows to Bring "Merry Christmas" Back Again


Whether you're a fan of PRESIDENT TRUMP's or not, you have to admit that he says some pretty off-the-wall stuff.  Like on the campaign trail last year, when he said that if he's elected, we'll be saying "Merry Christmas" again.


Like, had people STOPPED saying it?  Was some kind of law against it enacted?  Does he plan on mandating an official holiday greeting?  Is he going to tax businesses and citizens who say "Happy Holidays"?


Well, whatever the case, he promised it once again during a speech yesterday at a Boy Scout convention in Virginia.


He told the crowd, quote, "By the way, under the Trump administration, you'll be saying 'Merry Christmas' again when you go shopping, believe me . . . They've been downplaying that little beautiful phrase.  You're going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' again, folks."  (Here's video.)





Would You Bid on a Dinner with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio?


This is easily the Holy Grail for "Titanic" fans:  The LEONARDO DICAPRIO Foundation is holding its annual charity auction tomorrow in France, and one of the items up for bids is a private dinner with Leo and KATE WINSLET.


Obviously, you have to be somebody just to get into the auction . . . then there's that little matter of COST.  So let's just say you and I aren't in the running.


Still, it would be worth it just to be able to sit at a table with these two, stare Kate right in the eyes, and say, "Now you KNOW there was enough room on that raft for the two of you, right?"  (People)




A Dad Filmed the Wrong Girl at a Graduation Procession


A dad THOUGHT he was filming his graduating daughter in her cap and gown as she walked down the aisle with the rest of the students . . . until his ACTUAL DAUGHTER came into view and said, "That's not me."  His reaction is pretty funny . . . and it's also kind of ironic that she was graduating with a film degree.


(Search for "Dad Films Wrong Daughter At Graduation.")





Just Thinking About Exercise Can Make You Live Longer

According to a new study out of Stanford University, people who just THINK about exercise and consider themselves healthy live longer than people who think they're out of shape.
The researchers found that when people BELIEVED they were in shape, it actually led to drops in their weight, body fat, and blood pressure.  (Indy100)


An Armed Robber at a Starbucks Is Stopped When a Customer Smashes Him With a Chair


I'm not sure I'd be willing to risk my life for Starbucks . . . with all the money I've given them over the years, THEY should be risking their lives for ME.


A 30-year-old guy named Ryan Flores walked into a Starbucks in Fresno, California on Wednesday around 5:30 P.M.  He was wearing an Optimus Prime mask from "Transformers" and he had a toy gun . . . and a REAL knife.


He demanded the cash from the register, and the cashier started giving it to him . . . until a 58-year-old customer named Cragg Jerri decided to step in.


Apparently Cragg's a regular there, so he picked up a metal chair, SLAMMED Ryan in the back with it . . . and then started brawling with him.


Eventually he wrestled the knife away.  He wound up getting stabbed in the process, but he ALSO got a few nice stabs in on Ryan too.


Ryan was taken to the hospital, and once he's out, he'll be facing charges for attempted armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. 


(KRON 4 - San Francisco



(Search "Fresno Starbucks" on YouTube to see the GREAT surveillance video.)


Is Your Longest Relationship Ever With the Person Who Cuts Your Hair?


This could make you feel kinda bad about your dating history . . . but at least it should make you feel good about how SWEET your hair looks.


A new survey found 69% of adults are in a relationship . . . while 74% are committed to the person who cuts their hair.  And THOSE relationships last an average of eight years and two months . . . which might be longer than any romantic relationship you've had.


The survey also found that of the 26% of people who aren't in a long-term relationship with a barber or stylist, more than a third of them cut their own hair. 


(The Telegraph)



Michael Phelps Didn't Really Race a Great White


It's the Megalodon "documentary" all over again:  The Discovery Channel and MICHAEL PHELPS played us all when they said he'd be racing a great white shark last night.


Technically, nobody really SAID Phelps would be swimming anywhere near a shark . . . but the advertising did try to make people think that.  So did Phelps when he talked to "Entertainment Weekly" earlier this month.


In reality, the whole thing was SIMULATED.  They apparently timed some sharks:  A great white, a hammerhead, and a reef shark.  Then they SIMULATED the races, with Phelps going against computer-animated sharks.


Phelps actually DID race in the ocean though, so at least there was that.  But that wasn't quite enough for many, many unsatisfied viewers.  (Here are some more angry reactions.)


As for the results, he beat the reef shark, but he got crushed by the hammerhead, and he lost to the great white by two seconds.






Are These the 10 Best Dog Movies Ever?

For whatever reason, "Us" magazine put together a list of 'The 10 Best Dog Movies of All Time.'  Here's the list, in chronological order:
1.  "Lady and the Tramp", 1955
2.  "Turner & Hooch", 1989
3.  "Beethoven", 1992
4.  "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey", 1993
5.  "Lassie", 1994
6.  "101 Dalmatians", 1996
7.  "Air Bud", 1997
8.  "Best in Show", 2000
9.  "My Dog Skip", 2000
10.  "Marley & Me", 2008


"Home Alone" Dad John Heard Has Died



Character actor JOHN HEARD died on Friday.  You'd recognize him from a lot of TV shows and movies, but he's best-known for playing Macaulay Culkin's dad Peter McCallister in the first two "Home Alone" movies . . . or as Tom Hanks' nemesis at the toy company in "Big".


It's a little unclear how he died.  His body was found in a hotel room by a maid.  Apparently, he was staying there while he was recovering from minor back surgery.  His age is also unclear.  Some reports list him at 71, and others have him at 72.


Either way, a police spokesman says he was dead when they arrived, and that his death is "not considered suspicious."


John had a few lead roles, including "Cutter's Way", the erotic horror movie "Cat People", and "C.H.U.D.", which also features Daniel Stern, who played one of the 'Wet Bandits' in "Home Alone".


But he was usually in supporting roles, like the ones he had in "After Hours""Beaches""Awakenings""Rambling Rose""The Pelican Brief""My Fellow Americans""Snake Eyes", and "Animal Factory".


He was nominated for an Emmy in 1999 for guest starring on "The Sopranos" . . . but he was NOT nominated for anything for his role in the original "Sharknado"


(Daniel Stern posted a nice tribute on Twitter.  And there are others, here.)





Sean Spicer Thought the "SNL" Skits Parodying Him Were "Stupid"


Back when "Saturday Night Live" first debuted MELISSA MCCARTHY as former White House Press Secretary SEAN SPICER, he tried to have a sense of humor about it.


He said it was "cute" and "funny," but that Melissa could, quote, "dial it back."  Which is obvious, the whole reason that a caricature is funny is because it's over-the-top and exaggerated.


But over the weekend, Sean told Fox News, quote, "There was a lot of it that was over the line . . . it wasn't funny, it was stupid or silly or malicious . . .


"But there were some skits on late-night television that I did crack up at.  So, sometimes it can be funny.  Some of the memes you have to crack up about.  But sometimes, it goes from funny to mean."  (Here's video.)



Basically, it sounds like Sean can appreciate a joke, but he probably didn't appreciate having a mockery made of his efforts.  But he doesn't have to worry about that as much anymore.  He resigned on Friday, and was replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


By the way, the "Wall Street Journal" has a story about Sean's tenure, and it includes an amusing anecdote about how he secretly stole a MINI-FRIDGE from some White House junior researchers.



Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Found Dead


Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park was found dead yesterday (July 20, 2017) of an apparent suicide. 
His body was discovered by a housekeeper at around 9am Los Angeles time, hanging in his bedroom. 
What makes this particularly sad, and I don't see it as just a coincidence . . Chester was very good friends with Chris Cornell, the former lead singer of Soundgarden that killed himself in the same manner just a couple of months ago. Chester even spoke at Chris' funeral. And yesterday, would have been Chris Cornell's birthday.
To say that this was a shock to everyone is an understatement . . another member of Linkin Park was on his way to Chesters house at about the time his body was found to pick him up for a photo shoot. And at that moment, the band released a new music video. 
Linkin Park was also preparing for an upcoming tour, which will likely be canceled. They were actually due to play the Xfinity Center next Thursday.
Chester leaves behind his wife of 11 years, Talinda . . and six kids, including five-year-old twins.
He was only 41 years old. 
Chester struggled with a lot of drugs over the years . . including opium, crack, cocaine, meth, and LSD.  He's also said that he was a raging alcoholic.  But in 2011, he said he was sober.
There's no indication yet that he was on anything at the time of his death.
About 10 years ago, he said he'd considered committing suicide because he was abused as a child by an older male friend.  He said it happened between the ages of 7 and 13, and that it became violent by the end.
Chester joined Linkin Park in 1999, three years after the band had formed, but before they released their first album.  He also had a side-project called Dead By Sunrise.  Their only album came out in 2009.
Then in 2013, Chester became the new singer for Stone Temple Pilots, replacing Scott Weiland, who at that time had been kicked out of the band.  
Chester left STP on good terms in November of 2015 to return to Linkin Park . . and a month later, Scott Weiland died of an overdose.  
Linkin Park's debut album, Hybrid Theory, was certified Diamond by the RIAA in 2005 and multi-Platinum in several other countries. The band has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and has won two Grammy Awards.
May you finally be at peace.



Six Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer When You Don't Have A/C

Here are six tips on how to stay cool when you don't have air conditioning . . .

1.  Turn off lights and unplug TVs and computers.  Electrical appliances emit heat, and TVs and computers are some of the hottest.  And even if they're turned OFF, they can still heat up a room just by being plugged in.


2.  Keep the shades closed.  It seems obvious, but it makes a BIG difference . . . especially in rooms that face the sun.


3.  Use windows and fans.  As soon as the temperature starts to drop in the evening, open doors and windows to get a breeze going throughout the house.  If there's no breeze, use fans.


4.  Use cotton sheets.  Sheets made out of flannel or silk can trap heat and make you feel hot during the night.  Cotton sheets let your skin breathe and even wick away moisture from your skin.


5.  Freeze your sheets and pillowcases.  It sounds weird, but the coolness should last long enough for you to fall asleep on a hot night.


6.  Grill instead of using the stove.  Using the stove or oven heats up the kitchen, if not the entire house.  Hot summer days are a perfect time to fire up the barbecue and keep all that cooking heat OUTSIDE. 


(Fox News)



OJ Simpson Could Be Paroled Today


OJ Simpson has been in a Nevada prison for nearly 9 years for a 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. His sentencing was 9 to 33 years behind bars and the time has come for him to ask to be paroled. His hearing will be carried live on major networks at 1pm today, where he will appear in front of the board via videolink from Lovelock Correctional Center. 
Most report claims that OJ has been a model citizen while in the clink, and then there are some other crazy stories that he's acted inappropriately and was written up for disorderly conduct, which could affect his chances of an early release. 
There are still a lot of people that don't want OJ to ever be released because of the acquittal in 1995, after going on trial for the horrific murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman. That trial . . as most remember . . was named "the trial of the century". 
Two award-winning 2016 television productions, ESPN's documentary O.J. Simpson: Made in America and FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson, provided reminders of how shocking the murder charges, trial and verdict were at the time.
In making parole decisions, the state of Nevada uses a scoring system to evaluate the risk a prisoner might pose to the community. The categories include an inmate's behavior in prison, as well as his/her age.
Generally, it takes a couple of weeks for the parole board to make and announce their decision . . but in this case, because it's so high-profile, they want to just get it done and get back to normal business, so their decision will be announced today. If paroled, OJ Simpson would be released from prison no sooner than October 1.



Ten Signs You're Living the 'Modern' American Dream

A recent survey had people name the top signs you're living the "modern" American dream.  It's not exactly clear what that MEANS, but they posted a list of the top 30 answers, and some of them aren't that crazy.


There are a few big ones, like owning a $40,000 car and having at least $35,000 in savings.  But here are ten that are a lot more attainable.  They're a nice reminder of how good most Americans have it, even if it doesn't always feel that way . . .


1.  Having a Netflix subscription.

2.  Voting, because it means you're a U.S. citizen.

3.  Being able to buy gadgets every now and then, like a new phone.

4.  Having steak at least once a month.

5.  Being able to donate old clothes to Goodwill, because you don't like them anymore.

6.  Having enough free time to do leisurely stuff, like going on walks or bike rides.

7.  Shopping at Whole Foods.  (???)

8.  Owning a big-screen TV.

9.  Having a fridge with an ice dispenser.

10.  Being able to take a day off work without having to worry about being fired. 


(SWNS Digital)




40% of Us Use a Different Voice When We're Talking on the Phone

When you make a phone call, do you CHANGE your voice . . . to make it sound deeper or smarter or more confident or whatever?  You're definitely not alone.


According to a new survey, 40% of people say they have a special phone voice.  And women are more likely to use one than men.


The main situations where people bust out their fake voice are business calls with clients and important calls with their bank . . . but plenty of people even use it when they're talking with their parents or their significant other.  (Daily Mail)


Scientists Have Figured Out the Reason You Can't Quit Facebook

You want to quit Facebook.  I want to quit Facebook.  Everyone I know wants to quit Facebook.  But none of us do.  And here's why.


A new study found that we're all hopelessly addicted to Facebook for one reason above anything else:  It lets us silently JUDGE our friends.  And we love doing that so much that we can't look away.


The researchers even found we're willing to put up with all of the offensiveness and nonsense people are posting . . . just for the sake of that one moment where we get to judge someone and maybe feel superior to them. 


(The Conversation)


You Waste One Full Workday a Week Slacking Off

How great would it be if you only had to work FOUR days a week?  Well get excited, because apparently you already do.  According to a new study, the average person spends about a FIFTH of their time at work slacking off . . .


We waste 56 minutes a day on our phones, and another 42 minutes on personal tasks.  That adds up to 98 minutes a day . . . or more than one full workday a WEEK.


Here are the top six things we use our phones for when we're at work . . .


1.  Checking personal email.

2.  Browsing social networks, like Facebook and Instagram.

3.  Reading about sports or checking fantasy teams.

4.  Playing video games.

5.  Online shopping.

6.  Visiting "entertainment sites."  Which would also include x-rated sites.


The four sites companies are most likely to block are x-rated sites, social media sites, online shopping sites, and websites about sports.  So that's where our phones come in handy. 


58% of people in the survey said they regularly use their phone to check sites that are blocked on their work computer.  


(PR Newswire)


Ed Sheeran Urges For Stem Cell Donor Testing


Justin Bieber Surprised Children at a Southern California Hospital


Justin Bieber surprised fans at a children's hospital in Orange County over the weekend. Someone was taking video and at one point, Justin asked if they would stop filming. He did spend time with the kids, making them laughin and praying with them. Some pics were posted . . but not on his social media accounts. 




Governor Sununu signs marijuana decriminalization bill into law


New Hampshire is making huge steps towards legalizing marijuana. Governor Sununu signed House Bill 640 into law yesterday decriminalizing possession of small amounts (up to three-quarters of an ounce) of marijuana.

The New Hampshire House had been passing marijuana decriminalization bills since 2008, but it met strong opposition in Senate until this bill.  HB 640 was approved in a massive victory in the House of Representatives with a 318-36 margin and will start to take effect in 60 days.
New Hampshire will become the 22nd state in the nation to decriminalize simple marijuana possession. The bill will limit the punishment to a civil violation, instead of a criminal misdemeanor. This means people will receive a $100 fine for the first and second offense instead of up to a year in prison and $2,000 fine.
According to a Granite State Poll released last month by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, 68% of New Hampshire adults support legalizing marijuana completely.




Ryan Reynolds FaceTimes with a terminally ill five-year-old boy

Ryan Reynolds took time out of his day on the set of "Deadpool 2" to FaceTime with a terminally ill five-year-old boy.  His name is Daniel, and he was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and only has months to live.


Daniel is a HUGE Marvel fan, and Ryan is his hero.  Daniel's family was just hoping to swing a phone call, but Ryan FaceTimed with him for 15 minutes.  (Heads up:  Daniel is British, so be prepared for a bit of an accent.)




A "LUXURY" Version of Crocs Are Now on Sale . . For $216-a-Pair

Last month, SOCKS with SANDALS showed up at a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris.  And that should've been the sign:  Ugly and eternally mocked is the new fashionable.


Because the Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane just rolled out a new product:  LUXURY CROCS.  They look like basic Crocs, except that they've got some small rocks attached to them.


They're selling online for $216, which is at least 10 times what a pair of non-luxury Crocs will run you.



An Interview With Tom Brady From 1994!


Ya gotta love social media. Junipero Serra High School, the alma mater of Tom Brady, posted a gem for #tbt last week – a video of Brady, likely 17-years-old, doing an interview with a local television station.  It was right after a strong performance at nearby Cal’s summer football camp, and was rated as one of the six best high school quarterbacks in California at the time.
He mentions his speed (of course), and that he wants to improve on it, but he also says everyone says he has a strong arm, and that he has a “pretty good work ethic.”
Our favorite part? The anchor at the beginning telling us that the video introduces you to players “you may be hearing about for years to come.”
Five Super Bowl wins, four Super Bowl MVP awards, two NFL MVPs, 12 Pro Bowl nods…yeah, we’ve been hearing about him for years.



Random Facts About Disney Characters


E! News posted a list of 60 random facts about the VOICES behind a bunch of different Disney cartoons.  Here are seven we liked . . .


1.  Walt Disney was the voice of Mickey Mouse until 1946 when a guy named Jimmy MacDonald started doing it.  The official story was Walt just got too busy.  But rumor has it his voice was so damaged from SMOKING, he couldn't do it anymore.


2.  The woman who voiced the evil stepmother in "Cinderella" also did the voice of Maleficent, the antagonist in "Sleeping Beauty".  Eleanor Audley was the actress.


3.  When he was a kid, Tom Hanks used to wonder if his toys came to life when no one was there.  And it's one of the main reasons he decided to play Woody in "Toy Story".


4.  Tim Allen only played Buzz Lightyear in "Toy Story" after Chevy Chase passed.  It was also offered to Billy Crystal, who ended up playing Mike in "Monsters Inc.".


5.  The song "Part of Your World" from "The Little Mermaid" was recorded in the DARK, because actress Jodi Bensonwanted it to feel more like she was underwater.  (???)


6.  Idina Menzel auditioned for the main role in "Tangled", which went to Mandy Moore.  But the creators of "Frozen" saw the footage, and that's why she played Elsa.


7.  Kathleen Turner was nine months pregnant when she did the voice of Jessica Rabbit in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" . . . one of the hottest cartoons in history.



The Great Debate Regarding Men's Fashion . .

There was a fashion show in Paris last month where the male models wore socks with sandals.  But that doesn't mean YOU should try it this summer.
It might catch on and be "cool" in a year or two . . . or probably never.  But you'll definitely still look clueless if you try it now.  So keep resisting that urge.  And while we're at it, here are four more summer fashion mistakes guys make all the time . . .
1.  Wearing sandals or flip-flops too much.  Even without socks, you can't wear them all the time.  If you're getting even slightly dressed up, throw some actual shoes on.
2.  Buying sunglasses that don't fit your face.  Just because they're expensive doesn't mean they'll look good on you.  So either stick with what works, or google what looks best with different face shapes.  And if you go to a store, bring someone for feedback.
3.  Wearing shorts to events that are more formal.  They're the most practical choice when it's hot out, so that's why guys do it.  But you can't always get away with shorts.  So it's a good idea to invest in at least one pair of lightweight cotton or linen pants.
4.  Going sockless without taking any precautions.  Wearing loafers or boat shoes without socks is in style right now.  But you'll probably end up with blisters the first time you try it.  And your feet will start to stink after a while.
So either wear no-show ankle socks.  Or sprinkle some foot powder in there to soak up the moisture and let them slide a little easier.



Justin Timberlake Helps a Young Woman After Getting Nailed With a Golf Ball


Justin Timberlake made sure a woman was okay after she got nailed by a GOLF BALL at a celebrity golf tournament near Tahoe last week.  She was only 20 or 30 feet in front of the tee box, and it was basically a line drive.  Someone in Justin's group hit her, not him.  But luckily she's okay. 




"This is Us" Casting Call!!


NBC’s This is Us is now casting speaking roles for Season 2 – Are YOU going to audition?

NBC is holding a talent search for This is Us Season 2. Telsey and Company Casting are holding a nationwide talent search and looking for actors to appear on the show for a MAJOR RECURRING ROLE.

NBC Casting directors are now casting the following roles:

Lisa – Female, 10 – 14, African American, very open to a variety of types (ex. overweight).  Hardened and wise beyond the capacity of most adults, Lisa is a bright, tough, introverted foster kid. She is a Newark, New Jersey native who has spent most of her young life in the inner city, bouncing around several foster homes. Deep down she is a sensitive soul, yearning for lasting human connections she can believe in. However, years in the system have left her with serious trust issues and emotional trauma from neglect. MAJOR RECURRING ROLE.




War for the Planet of the Apes - sneak peak

"War for the Planet of the Apes"  (PG-13)  TeaserTrailer 1 and Trailer 2






Andy Serkis returns as Caesar, the chimpanzee leader of the ape army.  And Woody Harrelson is the bad guy.  He's a ruthless military leader known only as "the Colonel," who refuses to let the apes live in peace.



(Even though it's done with motion capture, the emotion and intensity of Caesar's character is all Andy.  Check out his transformation in this Face of Caesar clip, and footage of his motion capture performance in this Making History video.)






Steve Zahn joins the ape cast as the sole surviving chimp from a zoo, who taught himself to speak and calls himself "Bad Ape."  And a little girl named Amiah Miller plays Nova, an abandoned human child Caesar reluctantly agrees to protect after his orangutan friend Maurice refuses to leave her.






This third movie is almost guaranteed to top the box office this weekend.  The first two made over $1.2 BILLION worldwide, with "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" making $482 million and "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" earning $710 million.



If you need a refresher on the story so far, check out the "Legacy" trailer, which recaps the events of the first two movies, where millions of humans were wiped out by the same virus that boosted the apes' intelligence in an attempt to cure Alzheimer's.



By the way, the studio partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute on a chimpanzee sanctuary in the Republic of Congo.  The largest of its three island sanctuary sites will be named "Caesar's Home" after the hero from the "Planet of the Apes" movies.





A Mystery Woman Bought Dinner for 25 Hungry Firefighters


A bunch of firefighters spent about six hours fighting a wildfire near San Bernardino, California on Saturday.  (About 60 miles east of L.A.)


The temperature was 108 degrees.  So the last thing you'd want to do is be near a huge FIRE.  And when it's that hot and dry out, fires can move pretty fast.


But luckily they got it under control, and it only burned about 70 acres.  As far as California wildfires go, that's pretty small.  So they did a great job.


Then after they had the fire contained, about 25 firefighters went to a nearby Denny's for dinner.  They were all pretty hungry at that point.  And when they went to pay for their meals, they found out someone ELSE already had.


Some woman walked up to the cashier and said she wanted to pay for ALL 25 firefighters.  And she didn't want any recognition for it.  She wanted it to be anonymous.


Their tab came out to $355, and she tacked on a $50 tip.  Then she threw down another $100 to buy dessert for the NEXT round of firefighters who came in.


A spokesman for the fire department said they'd already battled 15 to 20 wildfires that week.  So they were exhausted, and it was a huge morale booster. 


(CNN / Mashable / Facebook)


(Here's a photo of the receipt.)



A Repairman Stuck Behind an ATM Slips a Note Through the Receipt Slot That Says, "Help. I'm Stuck in Here"



If this happened to me, I'd be 100% SURE it was some sort of YouTube prank.  I wouldn't try to help.  I'd just start looking for hidden cameras . . .


Someone in Corpus Christie, Texas was using a Bank of America ATM on Wednesday afternoon.  And where the receipt usually comes out, they got a handwritten NOTE instead.


The note said, "Please help.  I'm STUCK in here.  I don't have my phone.  Please call my boss."  Then there was a phone number at the end.  And it turned out it wasn't a prank.  Someone really WAS trapped in there.


A repairman was working in a room behind the ATM when he accidentally locked himself inside.  And he left his phone in his truck, so he couldn't call for help.


Apparently he passed several notes through the ATM, and the first few people thought it was a joke.  But someone finally took it seriously and called the cops.


When they got there, they could hear the faint sound of his voice through the wall.  They had to knock the door down to get him out, and he's okay. 




(Here are photos of the note and the ATM he was trapped behind.)





Here's the Age When You're Officially "Too Old" to Go Clubbing

You know I'm a firm believer that age is a state of mind, you're only as old as you feel, and so on.  But I STILL think this is worth paying attention to.
A new survey asked people for the age when you're TOO OLD to go clubbing.  And the answer is . . . 37.
On the bright side, it doesn't seem like 37-year-olds will care . . . because the average person says they stopped going to clubs when they hit 31.  And 80% say they're happy being home on the couch when they see friends posting photos from a wild night out.  (News.com.au)


Donnie Wahlberg leaves waitress an unbelievable tip!

DONNIE WAHLBERG went to a Waffle House in Charlotte, and tipped $2,000 on an $82 bill.  And he also gave concert tickets to some of the employees.  Which WOULD be cool, except he's been boasting about his kindness on social media.  (Full Story)





Kid Rock Swears His U.S. Senate Run Is "Not a Hoax"


KID ROCK swears his announcement that he's running for a U.S. Senate seat is NOT a hoax.


He linked to the website KidRockForSenate.com the other day.  A lot of people still think it's a publicity stunt, because if you try to buy merchandise, it redirects to a site hosted by Warner Brothers Records.  So, that seemed like a dead giveaway.


But in a post on his blog yesterday, Kid Rock RIPPED on the media . . . and said he's not even signed by Warner anymore.  Which is true, they're not his record label anymore.  They ARE still his MERCHANDISE company though.  So, that hasn't really put the hoax rumors to bed.


He also suggested any music he puts out will be PART of his Senate run.  Quote, "Like politicians write books during their campaigns, I'm planning on putting out music during mine . . . It's not a hoax, it's a strategy and marketing 101."


His post also said the music part of his campaign would start at midnight last night, and it did.  He released two new songs called "Greatest Show on Earth" and "Po-Dunk".


They fit his usual style, but neither of them directly address his alleged political career or politics in general. 


(You can find both tracks at DetroitNews.com . . . but be warned, BOTH have UNCENSORED PROFANITY.)



The Voice of Kermit the Frog Says He Was Fired


We heard this week that Steve Whitmire would no longer be doing the voice of KERMIT THE FROG.  And it turns out it's because he got CANNED.


He'd taken over when JIM HENSON died in 1990.  Jim handpicked him, and he's been the voice of Kermit ever since.  He says he found out he was fired back in October, but hasn't talked publicly about it until now.


It's still not clear why they fired him.  On his personal blog, he says they had two "issues" with him that he could've helped resolve . . . but apparently, they didn't want to.


A puppeteer named Matt Vogel is taking over.  His first time playing Kermit will be in a video that's coming out next week.  That's according to Disney, which bought the Muppets franchise back in 2004.


Whitmire's other characters include Rizzo the Rat, Statler, Beaker, and Ernie from "Sesame Street".  We still don't know if he's losing those gigs too.  But he's hoping to work something out.


He says, quote, "I've remained silent the last nine months in hopes that the Disney company might reverse their course . . . [and] I remain willing to do whatever is required to remedy their concerns . . . I am devastated to have failed in my duty to my hero."




The Emmy 'Snubs' Include Jimmy Fallon, Oprah, and "Girls"

"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" was left out of the 'Variety Talk Series' category this year.  JIMMY FALLON had been nominated every year since 2010, back when he was hosting "Late Night".


There has been a lot of talk about how soft Fallon is on politics, and MAYBE that had something to do with it, because most of the other nominees go out of their way to tackle political issues.  And politics seemed to drive ratings over the past year.


But then again, SETH MEYERS hits politics hard, and "Late Night" wasn't nominated . . . so maybe it's just that people are getting tired of Fallon's shtick of goofing off and playing frat games with celebrities. 


To be clear, "Late Night" did get a nomination for writing, and "The Tonight Show" got one for Outstanding Interactive Program, whatever that is.


Other "snubs" that were not nominated in major categories this year include: "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee""Insecure""The Good Fight""The Big Bang Theory""Mr. Robot", and "The Young Pope".


Lena Dunham and "Girls" were also absent from the major categories, as was "Bloodline" and "The Leftovers".  And while "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" did get a nomination for best TV movie, Oprah Winfrey didn't earn an individual nomination for her acting.



The Emmy Nominees Are Out, and "SNL" Got a Lot of Love This Year


The nominees for this year's Primetime Emmy Awards are out . . . and "Saturday Night Live" and "Westworld"are tied for the most, with 22 apiece.


The Netflix sensation "Stranger Things" is next.  It has 18, along with the FX limited series "Feud: Bette and Joan".  HBO's "Veep" follows with 17.


Not surprisingly, HBO leads all networks with 110 nominations.  


Netflix has been surging in recent years, and now it's a close second with 91.  NBC is next with 60, followed by FX (54), ABC (34), CBS (29), Fox (21), Hulu (18), Amazon (16), and Showtime (15).


"Saturday Night Live" extended its existing record for most nominations of ALL-TIME, with 231.  That record won't be broken any time soon.  "ER" is next with 124.


JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS got yet ANOTHER nomination for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.  It's the 23rd nomination of her career.  If she wins, she'll tie with Cloris Leachman for most Emmy wins by a performer with eight, AND she'd set a new record for most Emmys won for the same role in the same series.


At the moment, she's tied with Candice Bergen from "Murphy Brown" and Don Knotts from "The Andy Griffith Show".  They've all won five for the same role.


As for the biggest SURPRISE nomination, we finally have JUSTICE FOR BARB!!!  Shannon Purser became a breakout star for her role as Barb on "Stranger Things", and she's nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.


She seemed surprised on Twitter, and a lot of critics were too.  It's fascinating how the Internet made Barb a star . . . but in reality, there wasn't much to her role.


Also, Carrie Fisher got a posthumous nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on the British show "Catastrophe".  And the HBO documentary "Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds" also got a couple nominations in the technical categories.


"Game of Thrones" scored 23 nominations last year, and won 12 awards, but it didn't get nominated for ANYTHING this year, because it didn't air during the period of eligibility, between June of last year, and this past May.  Season Six was part of last year's awards, and Season Seven premieres on Sunday.


CBS will air "The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards" live on September 17th.  STEPHEN COLBERT is hosting.


(We've got a comprehensive rundown of the nominees you care about, here.  Or you can sift through ALL the nominees at Emmys.com.)



A New Orange Banana Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Lives a Year


A lot of people are still suspicious about GMOs . . . that's "genetically modified organisms."  But it's hard to argue THIS isn't good news . . .


For the past ten years, researchers in Australia have been working on a new type of banana that could save hundreds of thousands of lives EVERY YEAR.


They crossbred two types.  One is a normal Cavendish banana, which is what you're used to seeing in grocery stores.  The other is a smaller type from New Guinea that's extremely high in vitamin A.


That's important, because up to 750,000 children die every year from a vitamin A deficiency, mostly in Africa.  So the new bananas are bigger, easier to grow, and packed with WAY more vitamin A than the kind people eat in places like Uganda.


The weird part is all that vitamin A makes the bananas ORANGE.  The peel is slightly orange instead of yellow, and the part you eat is orange too.  (I know there's an "orange you glad I didn't say banana" joke in here somewhere.)


The next step is trying to grow them on a massive scale in Africa.  The researchers still have another six years of red tape to get through, but it's looking pretty good right now.


And if you're wondering who's behind this whole thing, most of the funding for the study has come from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 


(Newsweek / FruitNet.com)


(Here are some photos of them compared to normal bananas.)







Tinder Gives a Free Hawaii Trip to Two People Who've Been Chatting For Three Years Without Meeting


I thought the point of Tinder is to find someone THAT NIGHT to get-it-on with and then never see again.  This is like the exact opposite.


Back in September of 2014, a guy named Josh and a woman named Michelle in Cleveland, Ohio matched on Tinder . . . and Josh sent a message saying hi.


Michelle didn't write back until more than two months later and said, quote, "Sorry my phone died!"  So Josh wrote HER back two months after that and said, quote, "Sorry, was in the shower."


They've kept the running joke up for the past three years, writing back and forth every few months with some ridiculous excuse . . . but never actually meeting up.


Well . . . last week, Josh posted screenshots of their three years of conversations on Twitter.  It went viral, and Tinder found out about it.  So they offered Josh and Michelle a free trip to ANYWHERE to finally meet up.


Josh and Michelle picked Hawaii . . . so now Tinder is flying them there. 




(Here are the screenshots of their conversation.)






Do You Give Your Kids a Reward For Getting Good Grades?


I WISH it were too early to start talking about school again, but more than half of parents say they're going to start doing their back-to-school shopping this month, so I guess it's not.


A new survey asked parents if they give their kids REWARDS for getting good grades.  Here are the results . . .


1.  45% of parents say they praise their kids.


2.  36% give them a special gift.


3.  31% offer to take them on a special trip.


4.  27% give them cash.


5.  And 14% deposit money into their college fund.


19% of parents say they don't give ANY reward for good grades because that's just the expectation. 


(PR Newswire / Deloitte)



Do You Say "Sneakers" or "Tennis Shoes"? America Is Divided and Furious


Did we really need another thing to tear this country apart?


There are lots of famous debates about what people in different regions call different things . . . like "soda" versus "pop" and "sub" versus "hoagie."  But one of those debates REALLY just started heating up this week on Twitter.


What do you call the shoes you wear when you exercise?


According to a study by Harvard, 45.5% of people call them "sneakers," mostly in the northeast . . . 41.3% call them "tennis shoes" . . . and the rest use other terms like "gym shoes" or just plain "shoes."


Apparently, though, LOTS of people had no idea there was any other term than the one they used . . . so the reactions on social media are trending toward disbelief. 


(USA Today


(Here's a map of the breakdown of what terms people use.)




Would You Buy a Secret, Unreleased Michael Jackson Album for $50K?


A New York auction house called 'Gotta Have Rock and Roll' is placing a CD up for bids later this month, and it supposedly contains a full, finished album of unreleased MICHAEL JACKSON songs.


It looks like a blank, Sony CD-R . . . but it has the word "Bible" written in blue sharpie, and it features 12 mastered tracks, all with completed vocals.


Different versions of three of the tracks . . . "Monster""Breaking News", and "Keep Your Head Up" . . . appeared on "Michael", the first album that was put out after his death.  But the other nine tracks have never been released.


The CD was in the possession of an anonymous person who's described as a, quote, "personal friend and personal assistant to Michael, whose family was very close to Michael for many years."


The starting bid on the unreleased album is $50,000.  There is a catch, though . . . the winning bidder will NOT have the rights to the music, so they won't be able to distribute it in any way.  


There's no reason why you can't play it at a party to impress all your friends.  Although, if you have $50K to burn, impressing your friends probably isn't something you have a problem with.  (Here's a video report on the auction.)




Kid Rock Announced He's Running for the U.S. Senate . . . Maybe


A year ago, I would have said this was a joke.  But now, who knows.  KID ROCK posted a photo on Twitter yesterday of a campaign yard sign that says, 'Kid Rock for U.S. SENATE.'  And this might be REAL, people.


He's talked about it before.  And back in February, his name supposedly got tossed around at a Republican Party convention in his home state of Michigan.


Along with the photo, he wrote, "I have a ton of emails and texts asking if this website is real."  Then he linked to the site KidRockForSenate.com, and said, "The answer is an absolute YES."


The website looks like it could be legit, but so far there's just some merchandise you can buy . . . a 'Kid Rock for U.S. Senate' shirt, hat, yard sign, and bumper sticker.


And that matters, because once he makes at least $5,000 off that stuff, he technically has 15 days to register his campaign with the Federal Election Commission.  According to the "Washington Post", he hasn't done that yet.


If he is on the ballot next year, he'd be running against Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow.  Her response to the news was, quote, "I concede he is better at playing the guitar.  And I’ll keep doing what I do best, which is fighting for Michigan."


But this could just be an elaborate promotion for an upcoming album, which may be patriotically themed.  Right now, his political merch site is being hosted by Warner Bros. Music, so that's a bit of a tip-off that this may all be music-related. 




There Won't Be Four "Game of Thrones" Spinoffs . . . Just One, Maybe


Season Seven of "Game of Thrones" premieres on Sunday.  We heard back in May that HBO was planning up to FOUR different spinoffs.  But now it looks like that may NOT happen, and it's probably a good thing.


HBO's president of programming told "The Hollywood Reporter" they don't want to "overexploit" the world George R.R. Martin created . . . like ABC did with "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".  (???)


That isn't as random as it sounds.  The same exec was with Touchstone back when they produced "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" for ABC.  And it was a hit until they started DRIVING IT INTO THE GROUND with four shows a week.


Instead, they have four prequels in development so they can see how they pan out, and pick the best one.  Or if they ALL suck, they could scrap the whole thing.


He said, quote, "We'd be very lucky if one of the four rises to the level that we've set [with the original] . . . I do not see a scenario where we have more than one."


So, don't expect HBO to start airing "Game of Thrones" prequels year-round.  But he did say that if all four prequel ideas turn out to be amazing, it'll be a great problem to have.


Also, there's no chance any of the spinoffs would premiere until well after the show ends.  And by the way, the eighth and final season WILL air on HBO.  Apparently, there were rumors it might be released as a movie, but that's not happening.





16 Movies That Tom Hanks Would've Maybe Done, If He Had Time


TOM HANKS has starred in over 50 movies, plus he's written and directed two movies, done some TV shows, and produced numerous projects over the years.


It has sometimes felt like Tom is EVERYWHERE . . . but it could've been even crazier, because there are at least 16 OTHER movies that he ALMOST starred in.  MentalFloss.com has a rundown.  Here's the list:


1.  "Get Crazy", 1983.  Even early in his career, Hanks was in demand.  Director Allan Arkush wanted him, but the studio insisted on Daniel Stern.


2.  "Police Academy", 1984.  Hanks was on the initial 'wish-list' for Mahoney . . . along with Michael Keaton and Judge Reinhold.  But the part went to THE GUTESteve Guttenberg.


3.  "When Harry Met Sally", 1989.  Director Rob Reiner wanted Hanks to star . . . and he also talked to Albert BrooksRichard Dreyfuss, and Michael Keaton.  But Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan clicked right off the bat, so that was that.


4.  "Super Mario Bros.", 1993.  Hanks was hired to play Mario, but he was later dumped for Bob Hoskins, who was cheaper.  This was around the time Tom was winning Oscars for "Philadelphia" and "Forrest Gump", so he dodged a bullet.


5.  "Groundhog Day", 1993.  Director Harold Ramis wanted Hanks to play Phil Connors, but they eventually went with Bill Murray.  Tom later joked that it was the right call, because he always "plays nice," and Bill is "such a miserable S.O.B."


6.  "The Shawshank Redemption", 1994.  Tim Robbins only got the role after Hanks, Kevin Costner, and Tom Cruise all passed on it.


7.  "When a Man Loves a Woman", 1994.  Hanks was attached, but re-writes delayed the movie, and his schedule got too busy.  So, Andy Garcia took over.


8.  "Speed", 1994.  This movie was another hard sell.  The studio wanted Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise first.  When they passed, they went after Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.  And when they passed, they settled on Keanu Reeves.


9.  "Nixon", 1995.  Oliver Stone had heard that Hanks was supposed to play Richard Nixon in a previous project that never got off the ground, so he talked to him about his movie.  Tom turned him down, so he went with Anthony Hopkins.


10.  "Jerry Maguire", 1996.  Cameron Crowe wrote the movie with Hanks in mind, but he was too busy directing "That Thing You Do!".  The role went to Tom Cruise, and it was probably better off for it.


11.  "Star Trek: First Contact", 1996.  "That Thing You Do!" also prevented Hanks from doing this movie, even though he's a HUGE "Star Trek" fan.  In fact, just before this opportunity, he expressed regret that he didn't have time to do a "Star Trek: Next Generation" episode or a "Star Trek" movie.


12.  "Primary Colors", 1998.  The movie is based on a book about Bill Clinton's first successful presidential campaign, and Hanks agreed to star in it.  But he got too busy again, and had to drop out.  John Travolta took it. 


For what it's worth, there were rumors that Tom backed out because of his friendship with Clinton . . . but he insisted he had Clinton's blessing.


13.  "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion", 2001.  Woody Allen has said that both Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson turned down the lead . . . possibly because they weren't offered enough money.


14.  "Kinsey", 2004.  Hanks reportedly "flirted" with the lead role, before it went to Liam Neeson.


15.  "Shopgirl", 2005.  Steve Martin wanted Hanks to star in it . . . but he was too busy, so Steve took the role himself.


16.  "Dino", a movie about Dean Martin that was never made.  Director Martin Scorsese wanted Tom to play Dean, and he hoped to make it after "Gangs of New York", but for whatever reason it never got off the ground.





Kevin Durant Got Roasted by Peyton Manning at the ESPYs, and Didn't Look Happy About It


PEYTON MANNING made fun of KEVIN DURANT at the ESPY Awards in L.A. last night for signing with Golden State last season . . . just to win a championship.  And Kevin did NOT seem amused.


They showed his reaction on the jumbotron . . . so everyone at home AND in the audience could see it.  And he never even cracked a smile.  He just looked angry.


Peyton's joke was actually pretty solid.  He said the U.S. women's gymnastics team was so dominant at the Olympics that Kevin wants to play for THEM next year.  Everyone in the audience cracked up, including Kevin's mom Wanda who was sitting right next to him.  But Kevin just stared Peyton down.


Then Peyton asked Kevin's former teammate RUSSELL WESTBROOK what HE thought.  And Russell MOCKED Kevin by copying him, and shot Peyton the same annoyed look.


The two of them haven't been on the best terms ever since Kevin bailed on the Oklahoma City Thunder last summer to join the Warriors.  (Here's the video.)



As for the ESPY winners . . . Westbrook won the ESPY for Best Male Athlete, Durant won Best Championship Performance . . . and Durant's future teammate Simone Biles won Best Female Athlete. 


(Sorry, KD.  I couldn't resist!  Hit up ESPN.com for a rundown of all the winners.)



Lady Gaga is Looking For a Few Good Men and Women :-)

Kindness and Compassion Outweigh Hate
Lady Gaga and her "Born Ths Way" Foundation are looking for a few good men and women to honor. She has launched the Channel Kindness Awards, which is designed to recognize the contributions of young people that have worked to create positive chance in their schools and communities. 
The stories of kindness, compassion, and bravery will be told on a new platform and across the foundation’s social channels, shared by our partners and distributed by traditional media. The hope is that the narrative of an engaged, empowered, collaborative and compassion generation and society will outweigh the divisive, depressing, sensationalist stories that floor our minds every day.
If you’re a young person between the ages of 16 – 24, please apply here and if you know a passionate young person with a story to tell, please nominate them here.




CBS Is Developing a Michael Jackson-Themed Halloween Special


CBS is developing an animated, MICHAEL JACKSON-themed Halloween special called "Michael Jackson's Halloween".


And yes, they ARE working with Michael's estate, so they'll be able to use his animated likeness.  And obviously, his music will be on the soundtrack.


The special will be an hour long, and it'll be about two young people who meet 'accidentally' on Halloween night, and find themselves at a mysterious hotel located at 777 Jackson Street.


According to the press release, while they're at the hotel they, quote, "go on an unexpected, magical adventure of personal discovery, culminating in a dance finale [with] an animated Michael Jackson."


The voice cast includes:  Jim ParsonsLucy LiuChristine BaranskiAlan CummingGeorge EadsBrad Garrett, and Lucas Till from the new "MacGyver" show.  The special will air sometime this fall.


(Speaking of Michael, Quincy Jones' lawyers are in court right now claiming that Michael's estate owes him $30 million in royalties.  Quincy himself will testify next week.)



Can Using a Mouse with Your Laptop Triple Your Productivity?

This is one of those things that's so obvious, you'll feel stupid if you're not already doing it . . .
A writer for "Business Insider" posted an article this week about how she's not nearly as productive working from home on her laptop as she is on her computer at work.
And she finally realized it was because she wasn't using a MOUSE.  So she bought one on Amazon for $6.  And now she feels like an idiot for not doing it sooner . . . because it's TRIPLED her productivity.
Depending on your job, it might not make that huge of a difference.  But she constantly has to scroll through websites.  And it's also helpful with programs like Excel.
She says she's sometimes even more productive at home now than she is at the office.  (Hang on.  Did she write this article JUST to convince her boss to let her work from home more often?)
So if you work from home or travel a lot, think about investing five or ten bucks in a mouse, and see if it makes a difference.  She says it's been a game changer.  (Business Insider)


80 People Formed a Human Chain to Rescue a Family From a Riptide


 A woman named Roberta Ursrey was at a beach with her family in Panama City, Florida on Saturday.  And her 8- and 11-year-old sons were too far out in the water.  It turned out there was a really strong riptide.


So her whole family swam out to get them.  Which just made things worse, because now NINE PEOPLE were stuck out there, and the current kept pulling them under.


Roberta says she thought she was about to lose EVERYONE.  Then in the middle of it, her mom started having a massive HEART ATTACK out in the water.


But luckily, a woman on the beach named Jessica Simmons realized what was happening, and started swimming out on a boogie board.  And meanwhile, her husband stayed back and got everyone on the beach to form a HUMAN CHAIN.


About EIGHTY PEOPLE linked arms.  Some of them didn't even know how to swim but helped anyway, and stayed where they could stand.  And they rescued EVERYONE.


They got Roberta's mom to a hospital, and she's recovering.  And her nephew broke his hand.  But no one else was seriously hurt.


Jessica said afterward that watching all those people work together was one of the most remarkable things she's ever seen. 


(Orlando Sentinel / NWF Daily News)


(Here's a photo of the human chain.)





There's a New Toothbrush That Cleans Your Teeth in 10 Seconds


There's a product called Amabrush on Kickstarter right now, and it's a new kind of toothbrush that cleans your teeth perfectly in 10 seconds flat.


It looks more like a mouthguard than a toothbrush that you're used to.  You put it in your mouth, press a button, and it simultaneously scrubs all of your teeth with just the right amount of toothpaste.


If you want one, you can pre-order it on Kickstarter by pledging $90, plus you'll have to pay $23 in international shipping because they're coming from Europe . . . and they're not scheduled to ship until December.


But isn't it worth it not to have to brush your own teeth anymore? 




(Here are some photos.)



Science Just Proved That Drinking Coffee Makes You Live Longer

I'm not sure anyone needs ANOTHER reason to drink coffee . . . our current reason of "it's the only thing making me a functional member of society and without it I'd murder you all" seems strong enough.  But here you go anyway.
According to two new studies that were just published in the "Annals of Internal Medicine" journal, people who drink coffee LIVE LONGER.
A study out of the University of Southern California looked at 185,000 Americans over 16 years, and found that people who regularly drank coffee had lower death rates . . . especially people who drank at least four cups a day.
And the other study, out of Europe, looked at 520,000 people in 16 countries over 16 years, and found the exact same thing.
The researchers believe it's all thanks to the antioxidants in coffee, not even the caffeine . . . because even decaf drinkers lived longer than other people.
So can we say for SURE that coffee is good for you?  A professor at Johns Hopkins University says he's not willing to go THAT far yet, but, quote, "the basic idea is that we are increasingly reassured that coffee is not harmful."  (ABC News) 


Here Are Some Details on Michael Phelps' Race with a Great White Shark


Shark Week kicks off on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, July 23rd with MICHAEL PHELPS racing a great white shark in a special called "Phelps vs. Shark:  Great Gold vs. Great White".


And Phelps gave "Entertainment Weekly" some details on exactly how it went down.  First of all, it was in OPEN WATER, so he and the shark were NOT separated.  And they "raced" 100 meters.


But they weren't side-by-side, and there were 15 safety divers in the water to make sure he didn't get EATEN.


Also, there was some handicapping going on, since it's not exactly a fair contest.  At best, Phelps can swim a little over 5 miles per hour.  But that's just cruising speed for a great white.  If it's really moving, it can reach 25 miles per hour.


One way they evened the odds was to give Phelps a "monofin" . . . which is basically a dolphin tail attached to his feet. 


(You can see a picture of it here.  And you can watch a preview for the special here.)


As for who won, obviously, he's not going to tell you before the special airs.  He said, quote, "I got in and did my best, and you guys are going to have to see what the outcome is."




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