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"Weird Al", John Stamos, and a "Stranger Things" Kid Are Doing a "Willy Wonka" Concert


Well, this is pretty random, even by "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC's standards . . .


Al is teaming up with JOHN STAMOS and FINN WOLFHARD from "It" and "Stranger Things" to do a live, in-concert version of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".


Sadly, for now they're only performing it twice at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. on November 3rd and 4th.  But if it's a huge success, who knows.


You know Finn as Mike Wheeler, the kid who had a crush on Eleven in "Stranger Things".  He's playing Charlie Bucket in the concert, and Stamos will be singing "Pure Imagination" as Willy Wonka with "Weird Al" as the Oompa Loompas.


They're the biggest stars, but other cast members have been announced . . . including Giancarlo Esposito from "Breaking Bad", singer Elle King, and Richard Kind from "Mad About You" and "Spin City".


Even cooler, the show will be presented in 'Smell-O-Rama,' so the crowd will be "presented with exclusive Scratch-N-Sniff Golden Tickets."



The Creator of "Full House" Has Stopped Asking the Olsen Twins to Do the Show


If you're still hoping MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN will show up on "Fuller House", this might just ruin your day.


Jeff Franklin created "Fuller House" AND "Full House" . . . so he's known the Olsens forever.  And even he's done trying to convince them.  He says, quote, "I've stopped asking, really I kind of gave up.


"But when somebody rings a doorbell, the girls yell, 'It's always open!' on the show so that's kind of how we feel about the Olsen twins.  The door is open.


"But I think we've gotten enough no's.  We're kind of done asking.  But who knows?  You never know in life.  Who thought this whole thing would happen?"


(Us Weekly)




Linda Hamilton is Coming Back for "Terminator 6"!


Here's how serious JAMES CAMERON is about making his new "Terminator" movie something special:  He's even bringing back his ex-wife, LINDA HAMILTON!


Linda was in the first two movies, playing Sarah Connor, who goes from being a victim to a bad-ass robot fighter over the course of them.


She's 60 now . . . which Cameron sees as a PLUS.  Quote, "It's going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she’s become return. 


"There are 50-year-old, 60-year-old guys out there killing bad guys, but there isn't an example of that for women."


The new movie will be a direct sequel to 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" . . . which is also the last movie Cameron was involved with.  And ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will be in it, of course. 


(Hollywood Reporter)



Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out on Airplanes Now


JENNIFER LAWRENCE has developed a new habit:  Freaking out on airplanes.


She told "Entertainment Weekly", quote, "It's scary not being able to control yourself.  I've recently had problems with plane anxiety and it's really similar.  I'm not afraid of the airplane, I'm afraid of me on the airplane and losing control of myself.


"You know when they hit an air pocket and it feels like you're falling?  I did it on a night flight one time.  [I yelled]. 'We’re going down!  It's coming down!'"


She added, quote, "I tried to jump out of an Air France flight once.  I can't believe I didn't get arrested.  I got really claustrophobic and I had to get out."



Avril Lavigne is the Most Dangerous Celebrity to Search for Online

AVRIL LAVIGNE tops this year's list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online.  That means you're more likely to pick up a VIRUS when you search for her than any other celebrity.


For some reason, this year's top 10 is all musicians.  Check it out . . .


1.  Avril Lavigne


2.  Bruno Mars


3.  Carly Rae Jepsen


4.  Zayn Malik


5.  Celine Dion


6.  Calvin Harris


7.  Justin Bieber


8.  Puff Daddy


9.  Katy Perry


10.  Beyoncé



Fireball Whiskey Bagels Are Now on Sale


You know, the last time I was doing shots of Fireball whiskey, I was totally thinking to myself they would taste great with some cream cheese and lox.


Well . . . a bakery in Freehold, New Jersey called the Bagel Nook just started selling bagels that are made with FIREBALL WHISKEY.  And because of the cinnamon flavor, they say it goes well with their apple cream cheese.


The shop didn't say just how much alcohol is in each bagel, but I'm thinking that it's probably not enough to get you drunk. 


(The Daily Meal


(Here's a photo.)




A New App Lets You Play Matchmaker For Your Single Friends . . . Whether They Want You to Or Not


If you keep trying to hook up your single friends with each other but they always ignore your suggestions, you're going to love this.  There's a new APP to help you find them love . . . whether they want you to or not.


It's called Matchmaker, and it's by the same people who make the dating app Hinge.  And that's the key . . . because it lets you see ALL of your Facebook friends who are on Hinge and then, you can pair any two of them up. 


Sure, there's a way for them to opt-out of that feature, but they probably won't think to do that until AFTER you've set them up.


When you pair two people up, you write them a quick message of WHY you think they'd be compatible . . . and then Hinge matches them up and they can take it from there.


If you want in on the action, search for "Hinge Matchmaker" in the Apple app store. 





Six Wedding Guests Showed Up in the Exact Same Dress


Hey, here's something worse than showing up to a party and seeing someone else wearing your outfit.  Showing up and seeing FIVE other people wearing it.

A woman named Debbie Speranza from Sydney, Australia went to a wedding last weekend and found FIVE other women wearing the EXACT same dress.  And they weren't bridesmaids . . . they all just shopped at the same store called Forever New.


The six of them took a photo with the bride, and Debbie posted the photo on Forever New's Facebook page the next day . . . where it's going viral. 




(Here's the photo.)



Five Things That Can Get You Hired


We had a list yesterday of five things you can do to improve your chances of getting a job interview.  Now here are five things hiring managers say can up your chances of actually landing the job . . .


1.  Being involved in your community.  So, things like volunteer work, helping out at your church, or coaching a little league team.


2.  Being bilingual.  34% of hiring managers said it ups your chances of getting hired.  Obviously Spanish is the best second language to know at this point.


3.  Having a better sense of humor than the other people they interview.  25% said it ups your chances.


4.  Being better dressed than the other applicants.  So don't go in looking like a slob.


5.  Having more in common with the interviewer.  So don't feel like the entire interview has to be about work.  Like if they have a picture on the wall from a trip to Spain, and you've been there too, bring it up. 


(PR Newswire)



A Woman Fleeing Hurricane Irma Buys a Lottery Ticket on Her Way to Virginia, and Wins $10,000


A woman named Tiffany Hatfield lives near Orlando, and decided to evacuate to get out of the path of Hurricane Irma.  (We're not sure how old she is, but she looks like she's in her 30s or early 40s.)


She headed north to stay with someone in Virginia.  And on her way, she stopped at a gas station in North Carolina.


While she was there, she bought a $5 scratcher ticket.  And in this case, it DID work out for her.


She ended up winning TEN GRAND.  And the money couldn't have come at a better time.  It turns out her house was damaged in the storm. So she's using the money to fix it up. 




(Here's a photo of Tiffany with her giant check.)






A Dad Tries to Discipline His Kid by Dressing as a Clown and Chasing Her . . . Then a Scared Neighbor Shoots at Him


I'm thinking this method of discipline isn't in ANY parenting books.


A 25-year-old guy named Vernon Barrett Junior from Boardman, Ohio was having trouble with his six-year-old daughter . . . he says she's been having behavior problems at school and at home.  So he decided to try to scare her straight on Saturday.


How?  By dressing up as a SCARY CLOWN and chasing her down the street.


But she had no idea it was him.  So as she ran down the street screaming, she ran into a random neighbor's apartment and begged for help because a clown was chasing her.


That neighbor is named Dion Santiago.  He'd had a few beers and HE was scared of the clown outside too . . . so he grabbed his GUN and fired a few shots at him.  Fortunately they missed.


The cops eventually came and sorted everything out.  Vernon was charged with child endangerment and inducing panic . . . and Dion was arrested for using weapons while intoxicated.  They're both due in court today. 


(WKBN 27 - Youngstown


(Here are their mugshots.  Vernon is the one with dreads.)





Merriam-Webster Adds "Froyo," "Troll," and More to the Dictionary


Merriam-Webster just announced a bunch of new words that they've added to their dictionary, which basically legitimizes them . . . for better or worse.  Here are some of the highlights . . .


1.  Pregame . . . "to begin drinking alcohol before an event or activity, such as a party or a night out."


2.  Froyo . . . "frozen yogurt."


3.  Sriracha . . . "a pungent sauce that is made from hot peppers pureed with usually garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar, and that is typically used as a condiment."


4.  Front . . . "to assume a fake or false personality to conceal one's true identity and character."


5.  Schneid . . . "a slang term for a losing streak, as in sports."


6.  Troll . . . "to harass, criticize, or antagonize someone, especially by provocatively disparaging or mocking public statements, postings, or acts."


Some of the other words they added are open carry and concealed carry . . . alt-right and dog whistle . . . hive mind . . . ransomware and malware . . . and Internet of Things. 





A Group Called One Million Moms is Boycotting the New "Roseanne" for Having a "Gender Creative" Character


A religious group called One Million Moms is boycotting the new season of "Roseanne", because Roseanne and Dan will have a 9-year-old grandson who's "gender creative" . . . meaning he'll have both male and female qualities.


The group says, quote, "The sexualization and moral corruption of these children is child exploitation at its worst.  No child should be introduced to the experience of mental disorders."


They started a petition about a week ago, and as of last night, it had over 7,000 signatures.


"Out" magazine responded to the Moms, saying, quote, "What this character actually represents is a historic step forward for diversity.  "Mark will be the youngest gender-fluid character on television and, for a generation of kids who struggle with their gender identity, he'll be a beacon of hope."


(I guess they're just gonna let it slide that Dan is totally biting Jesus' style by RISING FROM THE DEAD?  Pick your battles, I guess.)



Madonna Says She Predicted the State of the World in 2017


Regardless of your political leanings we can ALL agree on one thing:  No one wants to be lectured by MADONNA on the state of the world.


"Entertainment Weekly" asked her about a video that plays at the start of her shows, which includes the message, quote, "When those fascist dictators posing as righteous men come for you . . . be prepared to fight for what you believe in."


She recorded it in 2015, but the magazine said that it feels 'timely' now.  And they asked her if she was surprised by the mess that a lot of the world is in now.


Naturally, Madonna ate that up.  She said, quote, "I'm not surprised at all.  I was already witnessing it on the previous tour:  The winds were changing, and people were becoming more and more fearful and marginalized.


"We were going backwards on a lot of the progress that we've made . . . [and] of course I'm saying I predicted it.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  People just want to hear good news, or they want to be distracted.  So yes, I did feel like I was warning people."  


(Is it possible that people looked marginalized and fearful because they just realized they blew $350 on tickets to see Madonna in 2015?)



Sean Spicer Says He "Absolutely" Regrets Lying for President Trump


Former White House Press Secretary SEAN SPICER is on a redemption tour, which has included stops at "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and Sunday's "Emmys".


And yesterday, he gave a brief interview to the "New York Times", where he was asked if he regrets flipping out on the media for accurately reporting that President Trump's inauguration crowd was smaller than President Obama's.


Sean said, quote, "Of course I do, absolutely."  Although, it's worth noting that on "Kimmel" last week, he defended fudging things a little bit, by saying, quote, "He's the President, he decides . . . and that's what you sign up to do."


The implication was that being a mouthpiece for the president was more important than telling the truth.  Which is good to know.


For the record, Spicey hasn't actually apologized for anything, and so a lot of celebrities have blasted the Emmys for 'normalizing' him.  For example, Zach Braff Tweeted, quote, "I'm not ready to laugh 'with' Sean Spicer.  I think he's an evil, opportunistic liar that hurt our country."


But in true, hypocritical Hollywood fashion, Spicer was the toast of the town at the after-parties . . . "posing for photos" with celebrities.  In fact, he was reportedly so popular that, quote, "he could barely eat at the Governor's Ball."





Five Things That Can Help You Land a Job Interview

A recent survey asked hiring managers to rank certain things people can do to increase their chances of landing a job interview.  And the #1 thing you can do is make sure you take time to CUSTOMIZE your resumé for the job you're applying for.  Here are the top five survey suggestions . . .


1.  Customize your resumé.  60% of hiring managers said they're more likely to give you a second look if you do.


2.  Include a cover letter.  They didn't say if they prefer a separate file.  But most people just paste it in their email when they apply for jobs now.  Just don't send a blank email with your resumé attached.


3.  List your skill sets first.  So you might want to think about listing your job SKILLS before your work experience and education.


4.  Send your resumé to a specific person, and include their name in the email.  Just make sure it's the right person.  You might need to call the company and find out who the hiring manager is.


5.  Add a link to your blog, website, or work portfolio. recently said the same thing.  Hyperlinks on your resumé are the new trend, because hiring managers read them on their computer now.  They don't print them out anymore. 


(PR Newswire)



A Sperm Donor Meets 19 of His Children



In case you missed this, "Inside Edition" featured a sperm donor who met his 19 children for the first time.  His name is Michael Rubino and the kids came from all over the world for the meeting.  They range in age from 16 to 21.


Donors usually stay anonymous but he made himself available from the beginning in case any of the kids ever wanted to meet their biological dad. 


(Search for "Sperm Donor Meets His 19 Children All Together.")






Fashion Alert: "Double Jeans" Look Like a Pair of Jeans Tucked Into Another Pair


2017 is turning out to be one of the WORST years ever for the evolution of jeans.  So far, designers have made $425 jeans that are pre-stained with mud . . . totally crotchless jeans . . . and jeans that zip down the back to expose your butt crack.


And now . . . this.  A designer named Natasha Zinko has created something called "Double Jeans."  Basically, they look like you put on a pair of jeans, then put ANOTHER pair over them, but had those sit about six inches lower, on your thighs.


They're selling for $695 but, really, if you're DYING for them right now, you can always just put on two pairs of jeans and look like a damn fool without spending a dime. 




(Here's a photo.)




Jamie Lee Curtis Will Be in the New Halloween Movie


If you're upset that they're making a new "Halloween" movie, there are two things that should make you feel better about it . . . one you already know, and one you're ABOUT to know.


The one you already know is that JOHN CARPENTER is back as a producer and a creative consultant.  He might even do the music, like he did for all his own movies, including the original "Halloween".


The second thing is just as huge:  They're bringing JAMIE LEE CURTIS back!  Yes, she'll return as Laurie Strode, to have one last confrontation with Michael Myers.


This new movie will be a sequel to the first two "Halloween" movies, which came out in 1978 and 1981. 


That means it'll ignore the 1998 movie "Halloween: H20", where Laurie returned for the first time . . . and 2002's "Halloween: Resurrection", where Michael finally KILLED her.




Actor Harry Dean Stanton Has Died



Legendary character actor HARRY DEAN STANTON died on Friday of natural causes.  He was 91.


Harry might have been best known for doing indie and cult movies, including "Two-Lane Blacktop""Cockfighter""Escape from New York""Repo Man""Wild at Heart", and "Paris, Texas".


But he also appeared in plenty of mainstream movies . . . including "Cool Hand Luke""The Godfather Part 2""Alien""Red Dawn""Alpha Dog""Pretty in Pink", Stephen King's "Christine", and "The Green Mile".


(Here's a clip of Harry in "Pretty in Pink", his death scene in "Alien", and an UNCENSORED clip from "Repo Man".)





He was also close friends with director Francis Ford Coppola and Jack Nicholson.  In fact, he was the best man at Jack's wedding to Sandra Knight in 1962.


There was also a documentary a few years ago about his life called "Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction", where they talk about how much he loved to sing and that he actually helped Kris Kristofferson start his career.


(Check out Harry singing Kris Kristofferson's "Help Me Make It Through the Night", Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", and Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'" . . . which was made famous by Harry Nilsson.)


(And here's Harry performing with Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Depp last October.)




More recently, Harry played the self-proclaimed Mormon prophet on HBO's "Big Love", and Carl on the new season of "Twin Peaks".  He also stars in the indie movie "Lucky", which hits theaters NEXT weekend.


(You can find celebrity tributes to him, here and here.  You can also watch a detailed video about his career here.)



The "Emmys" Took a Lot of Shots at President Trump, Including an Appearance by Sean Spicer


The "Emmys" last night celebrated the best in television and it featured a lot of politics bashing.  It started with host STEPHEN COLBERT's opening musical number and monologue . . .


Which included an actual, live appearance by former White House Press Secretary SEAN SPICER.  He rolled out with his podium to tell us this would be the most-watched "Emmy" broadcast, PERIOD. 


(Here's video.  Spicey comes in at about 15:11.  And here are some reactions from the crowd, including Melissa McCarthy . . . and from the Internet.)



It wasn't just Colbert who took shots at the president.  Everybody was getting into it, including Jane Fonda and Lily TomlinJulia Louis-Dreyfus, and Alec Baldwin, who won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for playing Trump on "SNL".


In his acceptance speech, he even said, quote, "I suppose I should say:  At long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy." 


That was a callback to Colbert's monologue, where he played a clip of Trump from one of the presidential debates, griping about never winning an Emmy for "The Apprentice".



KATE MCKINNON got Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for "SNL", which was probably a reward for playing HILLARY CLINTON . . . whom she thanked during HER speech.  "Saturday Night Live" also won Outstanding Variety Sketch Series.


MELISSA MCCARTHY won the Guest Actress in a Comedy Emmy for playing Sean Spicer, but that was handed out at last week's Creative Arts Emmys.


It was a big night for women.  "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Big Little Lies" won five Emmys each . . . including Best Actress trophies for ELIZABETH MOSS and NICOLE KIDMAN, respectively.


LAURA DERN won Supporting Actress for "Big Little Lies", which turned Jackie Hoffman into possibly the SOREST LOSER in award show HISTORY.  She was actually shown pitching a fit and yelling "Dammit!" when Laura won.


Later on, she Tweeted that it was, quote, "elitism", because Laura has famous parents.  But after a few more posts, she Tweeted, quote, "I hear the media actually taking my reaction seriously? Are you kidding me?"




Julia Louis-Dreyfus won Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, and became the first person, male or female, to win six years in a row for playing the same character.



There was diversity all over the place, including the first black woman to win for comedy writing . . . and the first Asian man to win an Emmy for acting.




But STERLING K. BROWN from "This Is Us" ran into a little trouble when he accepted his award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama.  They started playing him off about two minutes into his speech, and he wasn't having it. 




He finished his thoughts backstage.  It included high praise for the writers, a lot of love for the show's creator, Dan Fogelman, and some touching words for his wife and sons.



(Here are a few more random takeaways from the show.  And you can check out the winners list here.)


This Year's Emmy Winners


Here are all the Emmy winners you care about . . .



Best Drama Series:  "The Handmaid's Tale"  (Hulu)


Best Actor (Drama Series):  Sterling K. Brown"This Is Us"  (NBC)


Best Actress (Drama Series):  Elisabeth Moss"The Handmaid's Tale"  (Hulu)


Best Supporting Actor (Drama Series):  John Lithgow"The Crown"  (Netflix)


Best Supporting Actress (Drama Series):  Ann Dowd"The Handmaid's Tale"  (Hulu)



Best Comedy Series:  "Veep"  (HBO)


Best Actor (Comedy Series):  Donald Glover"Atlanta"  (FX)


Best Actress (Comedy Series):  Julia Louis-Dreyfus"Veep"  (HBO)


Best Supporting Actor (Comedy Series):  Alec Baldwin"SNL"  (NBC)


Best Supporting Actress (Comedy Series):  Kate McKinnon,  "SNL"  (NBC)



Best Limited Series:  "Big Little Lies"  (HBO)


Four Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy at School


Now that your kids are back in school, here are four tips to keep them healthy during the school year.


1.  Fix their sleep schedule.  It gets dark later in summer, so adjusting to a new sleep schedule can be hard at first.  A good trick is to set your kids' bedtime about 15 minutes earlier each night, until you reach the point that works with their school schedule.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids between the ages of 6 and 12 should get 9 to 12 hours of sleep a night, while teenagers need 8 to 10.


2.  Get a checkup.  If your kids haven't had their annual physical or vaccinations yet, it's time to do that.  It's also a good idea to make sure the school has any medications they need on hand . . . and that your emergency contact information is up-to-date.


3.  Make them a healthy lunch.  One trick to get them to actually eat it is by buying a bento-box-style lunch box that you can fill with small portions of healthier foods.  And always remember to pack a drink, since a study in 2015 found that more than half of all children and teens aren't properly hydrated.


4.  Go over hand-washing.  Since you won't be supervising their hand-washing when they're at school, make sure they know how and when to wash their hands.  According to one study, kids who wash their hands frequently are 38% less likely to have to stay home with a cold during the school year. 


(Consumer Reports)



Jolt Cola Returns to Stores Next Week

If you were an '80s kid, you knew about Jolt Cola.  It was the soda with SO much caffeine that a friend of yours swore they heard about a kid two towns over who died from drinking it.


Well . . . in these hardcore nostalgic times, Jolt thinks it can claim a spot in the market again.  So it's making its triumphant return next Thursday, exclusively at Dollar General stores.  A 16-ounce can will cost $1.


If they keep their same caffeine content, each 16-ounce can will have 191 milligrams of caffeine, which is roughly the same as the major energy drinks . . . and way more than soda, but less than coffee. 


(Uproxx / Caffeine Informer)



Pumpkin Spice Crosses Species . . . As Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats Go on Sale


It's not enough for YOU to eat and drink pumpkin spice everything anymore . . . now companies are even going for your PETS.


The company that makes the Greenies dog treats just released . . . yup . . . pumpkin spice-flavored DOG TREATS.


You can get them at Petsmart, or you can avoid them and try to stop the madness. 


(The Impulsive Buy


(Here's a picture.)



After More Than Five Months of Stalling, Crayola Finally Revealed the Name of Its New Blue Crayon

This is, without question, THE most hype any crayon has ever gotten.  And my brain just keeps screaming the word "ANTICLIMACTIC!" over and over.


Back in March, Crayola announced they were getting rid of one of their 24 core crayons.  A few days later, they revealed it was dandelion.  In May, they said they'd be replacing it with . . . a blue crayon.  In early July, they announced voting on five possible names.


And finally, yesterday, they hosted a damn livestream on Facebook where they announced the name is . . . "Bluetiful."  Well that was worth it. 





"It" Could Bring in Another $50 Million This Weekend


When the dust settled on last weekend's box office, "It" had made $123.4 million in the U.S. alone.  As we approach this weekend, the total is up to more than $151 million.


And it's not going to slow down much.  It's expected to pull in another $50 million over the next three days and rule the box office in its second week. 


"It" only cost $35 million to make, and it's well on its way to being one of the most profitable horror movies of all time.


Its main competition this weekend will be from "Mother!", a Darren Aronofsky horror flick starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, and "American Assassin" with Dylan O'Brien and Michael Keaton


Both are expected to pull in around $12 million to $15 million.


(Hollywood Reporter)



Selena Gomez Had a Kidney Transplant This Summer


SELENA GOMEZ is filling us in on what she's been up to this summer . . . and for starters, she had a little procedure done a few months ago.  It was a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT.  (???)


She posted a photo of her and her longtime friend Francia Raisa in hospital beds, and she said, quote, "So I found out I needed to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus . . . I needed to do [it] for my overall health . . .


"There aren't words to describe how I can possibly thank my beautiful friend [Francia].  She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me.  I'm incredibly blessed."


TMZ says that Selena had to be rushed to the hospital back in May because of "kidney failure" . . . so she obviously needed the operation ASAP.


It's unclear exactly when it took place, other than that it was "months ago." 


Both Selena and Francia are well into the recovery process.


If you care, Francia is a 29-year-old actress who stars on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager".  She's also going to be on the upcoming "Black-ish" spin-off, "Grown-ish".




Lady Gaga Canceled a Show Due to "Severe Physical Pain"


LADY GAGA has canceled her performance at the upcoming Rock in Rio festival in Brazil, because she's in, quote, "severe physical pain."  She even posted a picture of her arm with an IV in it. 


She said, quote, "I would do anything for you but I have to take care of my body right now."



In a Tweet, she added, quote, "I was taken to the hospital it's not simply hip pain or wear and tear from tour, I'm in severe pain.  I'm in good hands with the very best doctors."


Gaga recently revealed that she suffers from fibromyalgia . . . which could very well have something to do with this.  But she didn't say if that's the case.




Fergie and Josh Duhamel are Separating


FERGIE and JOSH DUHAMEL are separating.  They issued a statement saying, quote, "With absolute love and respect we decided to separate as a couple earlier this year.


"To give our family the best opportunity to adjust, we wanted to keep this a private matter before sharing it with the public.  We are and will always be united in our support of each other and our family."


They didn't give any specifics, but a "source" told "People" that they're just too different, and this has been a long time coming.


They just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in January with dueling Instagram posts . . . and they have a 4-year-old son named Axl.  Josh is 44, Fergie is 42.


Josh and Fergie were both photographed on Wednesday.  Josh was with Axl, and was still wearing his wedding band.  Fergie was in Brazil and was NOT.  But she did have four rings on her left hand that spelled out "FERG".

(Yesterday, Josh was spotted WITHOUT his.)



Six Weird Hangover Cures Bartenders Have Heard


Do you have a crazy hangover cure that you SWEAR works?  According to science, you've just gotta sleep it off, and drink lots of water to rehydrate.  But here are six weird hangover cures bartenders have heard.  


We have no idea how well any of them work.  But for most of them, our guess is . . . not very well.


1.  Chugging Gatorade instead of water . . . and mixing in some HORSERADISH.


2.  Tripe soup . . . which involves the lining of a cow's STOMACH.  Good luck choking THAT down when you're hung over. 


3.  Three Aleves and a big glass of water before bed . . . then a beer RIGHT when wake up the next morning.  That might just delay a hangover though, because the beer gets you buzzed again.


4.  Shellfish broth, which is like chicken stock but made with seafood.  And you're supposed to eat a hard-boiled egg with it.


5.  A bartender who spent time in Puerto Rico claims there's an urban legend where you can prevent a hangover by rubbing lemons on your ARMPITS before you start drinking.  (???)


6.  Alka-Seltzer in coconut water.  Which actually sounds half-decent compared to the other ones. 





2 Meatball Criminals Stories you HAVE to check out!

Three Men Rob a Verizon Store, Then Try to Hide in a Police Station Lobby

This is what happens when you don't plan your getaway well enough.  These guys literally couldn't have picked a worse place to hide out . . .

Three guys in their early 20s named Eddie Hill, Cordell Price, and Aries Rickenbacker robbed a Verizon store in Chicago at gunpoint last Friday.  They tied up two employees and stole a bunch of stuff, including 20 cell phones.


Then they got into a high-speed chase after someone spotted their car on the highway, but only made it about eight miles before they crashed.


At that point, they took off running.  But they didn't really know the area very well . . . and ended up trying to hide out in a POLICE STATION.


One of them got caught trying to climb over a wall into the parking lot.  The other two actually ran INTO the police station, and police found them hiding behind a vending machine in the lobby.


They're facing a bunch of charges, including armed robbery, aggravated robbery, and unlawful restraint. 


(Chicago Sun-Times)


(Here are their mugshots.)



Two Guys Get Busted Trying to Steal an Entire Telephone Pole After Hurricane Irma

Now THIS is some ambitious looting.


A 46-year-old guy named Victor Apeler and a 42-year-old guy named Blake Waller went looting in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.


But they weren't just going to settle for stealing things like TVs or clothes . . . they had bigger dreams.


These guys tried to steal an entire metal TELEPHONE POLE.


Someone called the cops after they saw the guys strapping the giant pole to the top of their Kia SUV.  And it looked ridiculous up there, so the cops might've spotted them even without the tip.


The guys' plan was to sell it for scrap metal, but the cops stopped them before they could get too far and arrested them for grand theft. 


(CBS 47 - Jacksonville


(Here are a few photos that show just how ridiculous the pole looked on the SUV.)





This Year's National Toy Hall of Fame Finalists Include Matchbox Cars, Transformers, the Wiffle Ball, and Sand


The National Toy Hall of Fame just released their newest list of nominees . . . and one of them is SAND.  (???)


The basic idea behind that pick is you can't make sandcastles at the beach without it.  And sandboxes have been popular for a long time.


This also isn't the first time they've made a generic pick like that.  The STICK made it in back in 2008.  The BALL got in one year later.  And the CARDBOARD BOX was inducted way back in 2005.


The 12 toys nominated this year are sand . . . paper airplanes . . . Matchbox cars . . . My Little Pony . . . the board games "Risk" and "Clue" . . . the Wiffle ball . . . the Magic 8 Ball . . . PEZ dispensers . . . fake food . . . Transformers . . . and Uno cards.


Only two or three toys get inducted each year.  Last year's picks were Dungeons & Dragons, Fisher Price Little People, and the swing.  "Clue", Transformers, and Uno were also nominated last year, but didn't get in.


They'll announce this year's inductees on November 9th. 


(Here's the list of all 62 toys that are already in the Hall of Fame.)


(Museum of Play)



The New Food Trend Is Adding Whipped Cheese to Iced Tea?



Apparently, the hot new food trend is adding whipped CHEESE to iced tea.  That's right, I said whipped cheese.


The drink started in Taiwan in 2010 and now it's made its way over here, at least in a few spots in New York and L.A.  And it's just what it sounds like:  A shop adds powdered cheese to whipped cream, then puts some of it on top of your iced tea.


And allegedly, cheese and tea are complimentary flavors, so it tastes good. 


(Conde Nast Traveler


(Here's a picture.)




Three Good-Looking Florida Cops Take a Selfie During Hurricane Irma . . . Now They're Going Viral


There are three cops in Gainesville, Florida who took a selfie on Sunday before they started their shift . . . and went out to help people who were affected by Hurricane Irma.  And we're thinking they didn't see this coming.


The cops are good-looking dudes . . . and the police department put the selfie up on Facebook.  And it's racked up more than 475,000 likes and 170,000 comments . . . almost all of which were women who wanted a piece of the cops.


It turns out that only one of them isn't married, and the police department posted a follow-up joking that, quote, "[he] is being placed into Cougar Prey Protective Care." 




(Here's the photo.  The single one is the one without a hat.)  




Tyrese is Begging The Rock Not to Delay Another "Fast and Furious" Movie


TYRESE reached out to his "Fast and Furious" co-star DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON yesterday, begging him not to do a spin-off movie about his character Luke Hobbs.  At least not until they make "Fast 9".


The ninth movie already has a release date of April 19th, 2019 . . . but apparently, there's talk of doing the Hobbs movie first, and pushing that one back.


In a LONG Instagram post, he said, quote, "I'm doing this only on behalf of our families so we keep them all in private school . . .


"We do this on behalf of the families, the cast, the crew members who have been down and loyal to us for 15 years . . . Everyone matters.  When we shoot we all eat . . . when we eat we show up as a FAMILY."


He was very clear that he was NOT attacking The Rock.  He gave him love about a million times, and said he was only pleading publicly because he couldn't get a hold of him any other way. 


In another post, he said, quote, "Fast Family is just that, a family . . . We don't fly solo."


They must have connected though, because he took both posts down.  (You can see the other one here.)







Harrison Ford Doesn't Want to Talk About His Affair with Carrie Fisher


In her 2016 book "The Princess Diarist"CARRIE FISHER finally revealed that she and HARRISON FORDhad an affair during the filming of the original "Star Wars".  Harrison has yet to comment . . . and he doesn't want to.


"GQ" asked him about it, and he didn't have much to say.  He admitted that it was "strange" for him . . . but when they asked if he had advance warning, he said, quote, "Um, to a degree.  Yes."


As for what he thought about it, he said, quote, "Oh, I don't know.  I don't know.  You know, with Carrie's untimely passing, I don't really feel that it's a subject that I want to discuss."


He refused to say if he would have preferred she didn't write it . . . and he said he did NOT read it.  And that was basically it.


Ford also talked about working with RYAN GOSLING on the new "Blade Runner" movie . . . quote, "He was fun to work with.  I like him a lot.  He's a smart guy.  I mean, he's [an effing] Mouseketeer . . . he's been doing this since he was 6 years old or something.  He knows what he's doing."  


(Read the full interview here.  He also talks about accidentally punching Ryan in the face during a fight scene.)






The "Hand in Hand" Telethon Raised $44 Million Overnight

Tuesday night's "Hand in Hand" telethon raised $14 million over the hour that it aired . . . but by yesterday morning, the total was a LOT higher . . . $44 million.  And it's probably higher now, since they're still accepting donations.


(Call 1-800-258-6000, text GIVE to 80077, or go to


15.7 million people watched the show on the Big Four networks:  ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.  But it was on more than a dozen other cable channels, and streamed online.


Now, $44 million is AWESOME . . . and the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will no doubt be blessed to receive every dollar that gets donated. 


But it's interesting to note that while every celebrity in the universe took part in the telethon, J.J. WATT's solo effort has raised almost as much.  His fund is up to almost $33 million.  Of course, he's been at it a lot longer.


Also, J.J. announced yesterday that he'll stop taking donations tomorrow at 5:00 P.M. Central Time, so they can start putting that money to work.




A Guy Spread Some Love on 9/11 by Handing Out $2 Bills to Strangers


A guy in Burlington, Vermont who looks like he's in his 50s or 60s was standing out on a street corner Monday morning with a cardboard sign.  So people thought he was panhandling . . . until they READ the sign.


It said, "I have a good job, a great family, and good health.  YOU have a great day."  Then instead of asking for money, he GAVE money to anyone who stopped.


He decided to do it after he saw a story recently about someone else handing out $2 bills, just to be nice.  (He might be talking about the story last month, where a guy gave out $2 bills to everyone on a flight to North Carolina.)


He chose this past Monday because it was 9/11.  And he knew people were also stressed out about relatives who've been affected by the recent hurricanes.  So he just wanted to do something to spread some love.


It's not clear how much money he gave out.  But someone told a local news station about it.  Then they decided to interview him.  And he was still handing them out when they showed up.  So apparently he was there for a while.


He didn't want any recognition for it, so he didn't give them his name.  But he hopes that when all those people spend the $2 bills, they'll think of him.  And maybe it'll inspire THEM to do something nice. 




(Here's a photo of him.)





Olive Garden's All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Passes Go on Sale Tomorrow


Now that summer is over, OVEREATING season is back, baby . . . and there's no better way to celebrate than this.


Olive Garden just announced that they're doing their "Never-Ending Pasta Passes" again . . . and they go on sale tomorrow.


If you missed it the past few years, Olive Garden sells a pass for $100 that gives you eight weeks of unlimited pasta, soup, salad, and breadsticks.


There will be 22,000 passes on sale this year, and they'll go on sale at exactly 2:00 P.M. Eastern tomorrow at


If you want one, you'd better be ready to click FAST . . . because last year, their 21,000 passes sold out in ONE SECOND.


There's also a new twist this year, where there will be 50 passes that cost $200 . . . and each one of those includes a free eight-day trip to ITALY. 





Only 34% of People Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Plus Seven More Stats on Popular Fall Foods


With the amount of hype that pumpkin spice lattes get, you'd think 99% of us would be obsessed with them.  But it's not even CLOSE.


According to a new survey by Buzzfeed about fall foods and drinks, only 34% of people say they LOVE pumpkin spice lattes.  40% are basically indifferent toward them, and 26% hate them.


Here are more of the results about fall foods . . .


1.  Hot chocolate . . . 89% love it, 2% hate it.


2.  Apple cider . . . 58% love it, 13% hate it.


3.  Pumpkin pie . . . 53% love it, 16% hate it.


4.  Caramel apples . . . 49% love them, 12% hate them.


5.  Butternut squash . . . 35% love it, 30% hate it.  Yes, it's slightly MORE beloved than pumpkin spice lattes.


6.  Candy corn . . . 31% love it, 29% hate it.


7.  Pumpkin soup . . . 21% love it, 36% hate it. 





The New iPhone Unlocks By Recognizing Your Face . . . Only It Failed During Their Big Onstage Demo


You'd think that APPLE, of all companies, would be able to do a presentation without technology failing them.  And you would be wrong.


Yesterday Apple held their annual presentation where they unveil the new iPhones.  And the hot new one this year is the iPhone X, which has a screen that covers the entire face of the phone, has wireless charging, and starts at $1,000.


But the killer feature of the new iPhone is that it doesn't unlock with a passcode or with your thumbprint . . . it uses FACIAL RECOGNITION to unlock for you.


But when Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, tried to show off that feature onstage yesterday . . . it didn't work.


And yet millions of people will still pay $1,000 or more for this phone when it comes out on October 27th. 


(Business Insider)


(Search YouTube for "iPhone Face ID fail" to see the video.)




Is "Uptown Funk" a Rip-Off of "More Bounce to the Ounce"?


Is "Uptown Funk" a rip-off of the 1980 disco classic "More Bounce to the Ounce"?  That's what a company called Lastrada Entertainment claims.


They own the rights to "More Bounce", which was released by the funk group ZAPP . . . and they're suing Sony, Spotify, Apple, and songwriter (slash) producer MARK RONSON.  They're NOT suing BRUNO MARS.


They want everyone to stop playing and selling "Uptown Funk" . . . and of course they want unspecified damages, too.


(Check 'em out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.  Here's "Uptown Funk" and "More Bounce to the Ounce".)





J.J. Abrams Is Coming Back to Direct "Star Wars: Episode Nine"


"Star Wars: Episode Nine" has a new director:  It's J.J. Abrams, who directed "Episode Seven - The Force Awakens".  He'll also serve as co-writer.


It was supposed to be directed by Colin Trevorrow . . . the guy who did "Jurassic World".  But he either quit or was fired last week over creative differences.


The swap WILL impact the release date.  "Episode Nine" was supposed to hit theaters in May of 2019, but now it's being pushed back seven months to December of that year. 


"Star Wars: Episode Eight - The Last Jedi" is still hitting theaters this coming December.  It was directed by Rian Johnson.



Taraji P. Henson Does Her Own Laundry to Stay Grounded


TARAJI P. HENSON is proud of where she came from and what she's accomplished.  And she doesn't want it to go to her head.


She tells "Marie Claire" magazine that she, quote, "came from the [G-D] hood and put myself through Howard University."


But even though she made it, she still does her own laundry.  Quote, "That keeps me normal.  That keeps me feeling like, 'Yeah, I'm not too Hollywood.'"


Taraji's breakthrough role was in "Baby Boy", a 2001 drama about South Central L.A.  But after that, she decided to take a break from, quote, "ghetto roles", so she wouldn't get typecast.


She says, quote, "My mission became showing that I'm a character actress.  I can give them as many different performances as Meryl Streep . . . You think black women can't do it?  I'm trained just like she is."



Last Night's Telethon Raised $14 Million . . . And Counting


Last night's "Hand in Hand" telethon for hurricane relief raised more than $14 million . . . and counting, since you can STILL donate.  (Call 1-800-258-6000, text GIVE to 80077, or go to


The show kicked off with Stevie Wonder singing "Lean on Me" with a choir, followed by opening remarks from Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx.


Other performers included Dave MatthewsMiranda LambertGeorge StraitUsherBlake SheltonTori KellyLuis FonsiDemi Lovato, and Darius Rucker.


Celebrities including OprahCherReese WitherspoonNicole KidmanHilary Duff, and Kelly Rowland shared real-life stories of victims and heroes from the two hurricanes.


BeyoncéMatthew McConaugheyThe RockSelena GomezWill Smith, and others spoke as well.


There was also a prayer offered by clergymen from several denominations . . . and Justin Bieber.


Phones were staffed by EVERY CELEBRITY YOU CAN NAME, including Tom HanksRyan SeacrestJustin TimberlakeJulia RobertsGeorge ClooneyGwen StefaniStephen ColbertDennis Quaid . . .


Adam SandlerDavid SpadeJoe JonasKerry WashingtonSteve BuscemiBruce WillisDaniel CraigLupita Nyong'oJared LetoJason AlexanderJon StewartDavid CopperfieldTracy Morgan, and Barbra Streisand.


Heck, at one point, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino were sitting right next to each other, and NOBODY GOT WHACKED.  



10 iPhone 8 Features You Can Expect Today

There's tension in the air ahead of Apple's launch event today. The rate of leaks and the concentration of rumors are pointing towards a tricky launch for 2017's iPhones. From branding issues and a lack of genuinely new features to promote on the lower-end devices, to pricing and availability issues on the higher-end handsets
What Will Apple Announce At Its Event Today? 

Here's the rumors...
Face scanning
Probably the most hyped feature coming to at least the iPhone X, face scanning cameras have been available for some time in Android smartphones made by Samsung, and in a plethora of laptops secured with Windows Hello.
But even if Apple isn't the first, its effort will supposedly be backed by a biometrics security company that it purchased earlier in the year that can push it above the competition. If so, the iPhone X will be the most secure smartphone around, one that can't be fooled by a still image, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
A glass back
Adding a glass back to a smartphone in lieu of aluminum is partly a design choice. The LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy phones from recent years come to mind. There's a good chance, based on a ton of rumors, that the iPhone X will, too, look more premium at the expense of becoming a fingerprint hog. 
But it's also a move to enhance the new phone's functionality. This leads up into our next point where Apple has borrowed some tricks.
Wireless charging
Charging your phone sans wire has been a relatively mainstream feature for around five years, but Apple is looking to finally make it part of its offering.
While wireless charging isn't necessarily the fastest or most affordable means of charging your smartphone, adding the contactless standard to its next iPhone would bring it into the future, along with many flagship Android smartphones, like the LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Bezel-less display
Trimming away at the bezels of smartphone displays has been the obsession of manufacturers across the globe and Apple appears to have caught the bug. 
Following in the alluring footsteps of the likes of the LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi Mix and the Essential Phone, the iPhone X will be almost all-display in the front.
Even if it's not the first phone to execute on this vision, Apple is likely to put its own unique spin on the bezel-less look.
An AMOLED display
Apple has done well with its LCD displays in years, but as more budget players, like the Asus Zenfone Zoom 3, enter the AMOLED playing field, now seems like the perfect time for Apple to do so as well. There has been a lot of back and forth as to which manufacturer Apple is tapping to supply OLED screens for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 lineup. Given that Samsung and LG are strapped enough making OLED-packing smartphones of their very own, there's word going around that Apple's interest has caused a global shortage.
But there's little reason to worry. This is Apple we're talking about here. It might be late to the AMOLED party, but we'll just be glad that it shows up.
Augmented reality
Like bezel-less displays, the integration of augmented reality is a relatively new addition to smartphones. Getting its first stab at the mainstream audience in Sony phones and select Tango-enabled devices, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and the Asus Zenfone AR, ARKit is bringing the onslaught of AR content to Apple's side of the garden.
We expect to see a big showing for augmented reality at Apple's event, since we were shown but a mouth-watering sample at WWDC 2017 just a few months ago.
A dual-lens camera
OK, so the new iPhone won't even the first iPhone to have two cameras on its back, but let's not forget that even before the iPhone 7 Plus hit the market, there were plenty of dual-lensed options available.
Granted, the shift in focus from simply providing multiple field of views (LG) and gathering more color data (Huawei) to taking advantage of the depth of field effect provided by utilizing two lenses wasn't in full swing until Apple entered the game. 
On-screen home button
Given the push for bezel-less displays, it's tough to find a spot for much else - especially a fingerprint sensor. If you're an Apple fan, you know how integral the home button is to the iPhone, but there's a good indication that it might get squeezed out.
Earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy S8 made the shuffle of its fingerprint sensor to the back, though the home button is still in a logical location and it's looking more likely that the iPhone X will do the same.
Customizable control panel
Android has long held the crown as the customizable operating system, but slowly and surely, iOS has become quite the tweakable platform.
The new iPhone won't bring much of a change here, but the software it's running, iOS 11, is set to bring a user-customizable control panel that grants you the ability to drill into a bunch of settings from one convenient place. 
Set to be the next phenomenon, Animoji could be for the iPhone X what masks did for Snapchat. Although slightly different in that Animoji don't paste over your face, the new iPhone's rumored face detecting camera will let you bring emotion to the previously-stale emoji.
In a sense, you become the emoji. Its brow lifts when yours does. When you smile, so will the emoji. It's like playing pretend, but taken to a whole new level. twitter


There really IS a formula behind the categories on "Jeopardy!"


If you've ever wondered how they come up with all those questions and categories on "Jeopardy!", head writer Billy Wisse broke it up into seven basic steps for  Here we go . . .
1.  A writer chooses a category.  A category idea can come from anywhere.  Maybe the writer heard an interesting fact and decided to build a category around it.  Or they just came up with a cool name for a category.
Or, as Wisse says, "It could just be Friday afternoon and you really should write one more for the week, and you don't have any better ideas than 'Spanish History' or something like that."
2.  The writer then writes SEVEN clues and submits the category to Wisse.  As you probably know, there are only FIVE clues per category on the show.  Submitting seven gives Wisse the flexibility to trash one, and keep another as an extra.
You need an extra in case there's a conflict . . like if one of the clues is about a subject that was just covered recently.
3.  The category gets sent to the researchers.  Their job is to make sure all the facts are correct, and there's only ONE correct answer for each clue.
4.  The head writer puts each game together.  There are four basic categories:  Academic, Lifestyle, Pop Culture, and Workplace.  And there are a bunch of subcategories within those.
The trick is to BALANCE each show so there's content that can interest all kinds of viewers . . . and so that it's fair to all contestants.  If you're heavy on one type of material that one contestant is really strong in, that could give him or her an advantage.
5.  The writers check the categories and clues one last time.  This is where they all get together to shore everything up.  They make sure all the wording is good, that the clues are in the best order, and that the material hasn't been used too much or too recently.
6.  Last-minute tweaks from the bosses.  Both the executive producer and ALEX TREBEK himself look everything over and give notes.
7.  The Final Jeopardy and Daily Double questions are formed.  All the writers bring in a batch of Final Jeopardy questions every few weeks and they go over them. 
For a clue to make it on-air, at least one other writer has to be able to answer it, or else it's considered too hard.
In choosing Daily Doubles, they're looking for clues that have an extra hint in the wording that helps you figure it out.  Wisse says, "Daily Doubles are supposed to involve a two-step process, since you have a little more time."


Irma Round-Up: A Reporter Saved Two Dolphins, Two First Responders Cancelled Their Wedding to Help, and More


Most of Florida wasn't hit as hard by Irma as a lot of people expected.  So that's the best news.  But here are a few other good news stories we've seen . . .


1.  A reporter for NBC named Kerry Sanders was on Marco Island yesterday, near the northern tip of the Everglades.  And he helped save two dolphins that got beached.  One was a baby, and the other might have been the mom.


2.  Two manatees also got stuck Sunday morning when all the water in an inlet near Tampa got sucked out by the storm.  But they survived after random people were able to roll them onto a tarp and carry them out to deeper water.


3.  A couple in their 20s named Lauren Durham and Michael Davis were supposed to get married this week.  But they're both first responders in the Air National Guard.  So they decided to CANCEL the wedding and just focus on helping people.  But another Air National Guard member happened to be a notary.  So they ended up getting married DURING the storm instead.


4.  A woman in Miami went into labor on Sunday while she was all by herself, and no one could get to her.  So she had to deliver the baby HERSELF.  But several doctors talked her through it on the phone.  Then paramedics finally got her to a hospital, and everyone's okay.  She had a daughter and DIDN'T name her "Irma" . . . but did make her middle name "Storm."



A Florida City Offers Free Garage Parking For People During the Hurricane . . . and a Car Dealer Hogs It


This feels like pretty perfect KARMA for someone who got GREEDY during a desperate time.


The city of Hollywood, Florida opened up its public garage over the weekend and told people they could park their cars there for FREE to keep them safe during Hurricane Irma.


Well . . . a guy named Keijo Kiilo who owns two car dealerships called Autoline decided to take advantage that generosity.  He clogged up a decent chunk of the garage by parking 47 cars from his inventory in there.


People were OUTRAGED.  And the word got back to the city so yesterday afternoon, they hit Keijo with 24 charges of using public ways for private business. 


Each one is worth a $500 fine and up to two months in jail . . . so he's looking at a maximum penalty of $12,000 and four years in jail. 


(South Florida Sun Sentinel)



Kmart Is Replacing Its "Plus-Sized" Section With "Fabulously Sized"


Kmart just announced that it's not going to be calling its plus-sized clothing "plus-size" any more.  No . . . it will now be in a section called "Fabulously Sized."


A spokeswoman said, quote, "Our members . . . told us we needed to have a better assortment and that we should call it something different.  They absolutely love this whole mantra of 'Fabulously Sized.'" 





Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has a Cameo in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"



JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT has scored a cameo in the upcoming "Star Wars" movie, "The Last Jedi".


He got it because the director is Rian Johnson, and they go way back.  In fact, Joseph starred in two of his three movies, "Brick" and "Looper" . . . and he also had an uncredited cameo in the other one, "The Brothers Bloom".


Fortunately, it doesn't sound like the cameo will stick out as awkwardly as Ed Sheeran's in "Game of Thrones".  He just did an alien voice.  The director says, quote, "It's a very brief little thing, but it's fun, and if you watch the movie, maybe you'll be able to hear and pick out Joe's voice."


(Here's video of Rian talking about it.  Skip to 40 seconds in.)




Check Out the Celebrities Lined Up for Tonight's Telethon

Check Out the Celebrities Lined Up for Tonight's Telethon

An impressive list of celebrities will be on that telethon tonight to raise money for the victims of Harvey AND Irma.  They include . . .

Justin Bieber, Drake, Reese Witherspoon, Jamie Foxx, Blake Shelton, Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, Sofia Vergara, Michael Strahan, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill . . .

Al Pacino, Justin Timberlake, Travis Scott, Dave Matthews, Jon Stewart, Chris Paul, Demi Lovato, Diddy, and Leo DiCaprio.

The show airs live from L.A., New York, and Nashville, from 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. Eastern, and it won't be hard to find.  In addition to ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, it's airing on more than a dozen other networks, including MTV, BET, and CMT. It'll also be on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  (TMZ)

"Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief" at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CMT, MTV, and HBO, as well as a few other networks.


This is the telethon that was originally organized by Texas born rapper Bun B to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Now it will also be used to help the victims of Hurricane Irma too.


The telethon will air live from Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville.  Jamie Foxx will host from Universal Studios in L.A., Michael Strahan will be in Times Square, and Reese Witherspoon will be at the Grand Ole Opry with Blake Shelton.


The long list of telethon participants includes the Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, George Clooney, Billy Crystal, Robert DeNiro, Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, Jeremy Renner, Will Smith, Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani, and Lupita Nyong'o.


You can see the full list of people involved in the telethon at 


And George Strait will be performing the final number from Texas with help from Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert, Lyle Lovett, and Robert Earl Keen.

An Album of Songs About Famous Dogs is Raising Money for Dogs Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Not everyone is donating to the PEOPLE affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Some are doing what they can for the ANIMALS in need.


Several artists have written new tracks for an album called "Dog Songs", with all the proceeds going to the ASPCA to help dogs displaced by Harvey.  And all the songs are about famous dogs, too.


Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 contributed a song called "Not Every Dog Goes to Heaven", which is about Dinky the dog from "National Lampoon's Vacation".  And Travis Barker handles the drums.


If you recall, Chevy Chase left poor Dinky tied to the rear bumper of the Family Truckster as he and the family continued on their journey to Wally World.  One of the lines in the song is, "Dinky you're such [an effing] drag."


(So yeah, in addition to being an animal lover, you probably also need a sense of humor.)


Other songs pay tribute to Scooby Doo, Einstein from "Back to the Future", Santa's Little Helper from "The Simpsons", and Daisy from "John Wick".


Jonah Ray donated a track dedicated to Chopper from "Stand by Me" . . . appropriately titled . . . (Careful here!) . . . "Sick Balls".


There's only one song about a REAL dog.  It's called "Gary and the Princess", and it's about Carrie Fisher's dog Gary


It's by Nerf Herder, which is totally appropriate, since the phrase "Nerf Herder" is a "Star Wars" reference made famous by Princess Leia.


"Dog Songs" has 14 tracks, and it's only 8 bucks.  You can get it from




Three New Resumé Trends

If it's been a while since you updated your resumé, the website posted a list of three new resumé trends you might want to think about.
1.  Keep it conversational.  Try to cut back on all the flowery language people use on resumés all the time.
People think big words make them seem more professional.  But when you have to read a hundred resumés a day, it gets annoying.  So try to be concise, and write a little more like how you talk.
2.  Add hyperlinks.  A lot of hiring managers look at resumés on their computer now instead of printing them.  So feel free to link to a few examples of your work, or link to websites for companies you've worked for.
3.  Consider doing a video cover letter.  You can either link to the video in your resumé, or just link to it in your email when you're applying.
More people are doing it because it lets you showcase your personality before your actual interview.  Just don't make it too long.  60 seconds max.  (Glassdoor)


You Sleep Better If Your Dog Is in the Room . . . But Not Your Bed

I don't know anyone who has a dog that's well-trained enough to come into the bedroom and NOT immediately jump on the bed . . . but apparently those people are out there.  And they're sleeping GREAT.
According to a new study by the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, people who let their dogs in their room at night sleep BETTER . . . because it gives them comfort and makes them feel secure.
But . . . if you let your dog onto your bed, then you wind up sleeping worse.  (CNet)


Stats About Hurricane Irma

A Storm Chaser Struggles to Walk in Irma's Wind

A storm chaser in the Florida Keys stepped out of his car to measure the power of Hurricane Irma, and got blown backwards by the 117-mile-per-hour winds.  He seems to be using every bit of his strength just to keep standing. 

(Search for "Meteorologist Vs Irma In Key West.")




Hurricane Irma could be THE strongest hurricane this country has ever seen.  Here are some crazy stats to try to put it in perspective . . .


1.  Irma spent three days as a category five hurricane . . . no other hurricane has EVER sustained that much power for that long.  It's down to a category one now.


2.  It had winds over 185 miles-per-hour for 37 hours, which is also a record amount of time.  It's still going at around 85 miles-per-hour now.


3.  Irma is almost 400 MILES wide.


4.  So far, 6.3 million people have been ordered to evacuate in Florida . . . and when it's all said and done, this could be the largest evacuation in United States history.


5.  Around 26 million people could be affected by Irma, with total damage over $120 billion.


6.  This is the first time in history that the continental U.S. has had two hurricanes that are category four or above make landfall in the same year.


(CNN / Yahoo News / / CBS News)

Some People in Florida Might Try to Make Hurricane Irma Go Away By Shooting It?

Gotta say this for Florida:  If it's going down, it's going down GUNS BLAZING.


Because over the weekend, a Facebook group sprung up encouraging people in Florida to try to get Hurricane Irma to go away . . . by shooting at it.


The 22-year-old guy who started the group is named Ryon Edwards and he's from Daytona Beach, Florida.  He says it was just supposed to be a joke . . . but clearly, not everyone got it.


Because so far, more than 55,000 people have joined the group.


The Pasco County Sheriff's Department responded on Saturday and asked them NOT to shoot at the hurricane and to evacuate instead.


Quote, "You won't make it turn around and it will have very dangerous side effects" . . . like bullets fired into the storm going in unpredictable directions. 


So far, there haven't been any reports of people ACTUALLY shooting the hurricane. 


(Time / Snopes)


The Good News: A Guy Gave a Store's Last Generator to a Random Stranger . . . and Another Guy Offered Up His Car

A woman named Pam Brekke was prepping for Hurricane Irma last week, and had to drive about 30 miles to buy a generator at a Lowe's near Orlando.  Her father is on an oxygen machine.  So he can't go without electricity.


But when Pam got to the store, she saw a guy in front of her get the LAST generator.  At that point, she didn't know what to do, and just broke down in tears.


But then another customer named Ramon Santiago walked up to her . . . and gave her the generator HE was about to buy.


A local news team happened to be there when it happened.  Pam gave him a huge hug, and called him an "angel."  He said he could tell she just really needed it.


Here's another story about strangers helping each other:  Before a guy in the Florida Keys named Chris McCarthy headed north last week, he and his girlfriend left their spare car in front of their place with the KEYS in it.  An old 1991 Cutlass Supreme.


Then they posted their address on Facebook, and said ANYONE who needed a car to get out could just TAKE it.


Chris said it was a no-brainer if it could possibly save a life.  And someone DID end up taking them up on the offer less than an hour later. 


(Today / FL Keys News)


(Here are photos of Pam and Ramon, and the car Chris offered up.)






"It" Smashed Box Office Records with a $117 Million Opening


"It" crushed the competition . . . and several box office records . . . with a $117.2 million haul this weekend.  That's the biggest opening ever for a horror movie, or for any movie in the month of September.


It's also the third-biggest opening of the year, behind "Beauty and the Beast" ($174.8 million) and "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2" ($146.5 million).


"It" also made $62 million overseas, for a global total of $179.2 million.  If you invested in this flick, you're already counting your money . . . because it only cost $35 million to make.


"Home Again", starring REESE WITHERSPOON, was an EXTREMELY distant second, opening with just $9 million.


And CHARLIE SHEEN's "9/11" movie TANKED.  It ran in 425 theaters and made $102,500 . . . which was good enough for 32nd place.



1.  NEW:  "It", $117.2 million.


2.  NEW:  "Home Again", $9 million.


3.  "The Hitman's Bodyguard", $4.9 million.  Up to $64.9 million in its 4th week.


4.  "Annabelle: Creation", $4 million.  Up to $96.3 million in its 5th week.


5.  "Wind River", $3.2 million.  Up to $25 million in its 6th week.


6.  "Leap!", $2.5 million.  Up to $15.9 million in its 3rd week.


7.  "Spider-Man: Homecoming", $2 million.  Up to $327.7 million in its 10th week.


8.  "Dunkirk", $1.95 million.  Up to $183.1 million in its 8th week.


9.  "Logan Lucky", $1.8 million.  Up to $25.2 million in its 4th week.


10.  "The Emoji Movie", $1.1 million.  Up to $82.5 million in its 7th week.



Celebs acting bizarre

Jim Carrey Gave a Very Weird Interview at New York's Fashion Week

JIM CARREY was at something called an "Icons Party" at New York's Fashion Week over the weekend . . . and someone from E! News asked him for an interview.


Now, EVERYONE would expect this to be a boring interview . . . especially since this is 2017-Jim Carrey, not 1995-Jim Carrey.  But it wasn't.


The reporter seemed surprised to see him there, so she asked what he's been up to.  Jim walked around her twice . . . literally . . . and then went off on a rant, saying, quote, "There's no meaning to any of this.


"I wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could come to and join, and here I am.  They're celebrating 'icons' inside . . . boy, that's just the absolute lowest-aiming possibility that we could come up with . . . do you believe in icons?


"I don't believe in personalities . . . I don't believe that you exist . . . but there is a lovely fragrance in the air." 


He also busted into a James Brown impersonation, and that was the point when it REALLY went off the rails.


So, then WHY did he even bother to show up?


The reporter said, "But Jim, you got really dressed up for the occasion, you look good . . ."  And then he said, "I didn't get dressed up.  There is no me.  There's just things happening."


He said the world is, quote, "Not our world . . . [and] we don't matter.  He then tapped the interviewer's shoulder and walked away.


It's hard to tell if he INTENDED to make things so cringe-worthy, or if he's really just sharing some kind of epiphany with us.  Maybe he's just LOSING it. 


Remember, he's been going through some heavy stuff with that girlfriend who killed herself after they broke up. 




(It looks like this is kind of his "thing now."  His interview with Jimmy Kimmel last month was pretty weird too.  Just be warned, he talks about shaving his nether regions.)




Kirk Cameron Thinks Hurricanes are God's Way of Teaching Us to be Humble


KIRK CAMERON reacted to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma exactly how you'd expect:  It's God teaching us humility.


He posted a Facebook video saying, quote, "How should we look at two giant hurricanes coming back to back like this?  Do we write them off as coincidence?  Do we write it off as a statistical anomaly? 


"Wow!  Who would've thought?  Is it just Mother Nature in a bad mood? 


He added, quote, "This is a spectacular display of God's immense power.  When He puts his power on display, it's never without reason.  There's a purpose.


"And we may not always understand what that purpose is, but we know it's not random, and we know that weather is sent to cause us to respond to God in humility, awe, and repentance . . .


"Maybe share that with your kids when they ask why this is happening."  




Showbiz Hero of the Day: Kristen Bell is Rescuing People and Singing Songs at Shelters!


A hero has emerged from all this weather calamity . . . And her name is KRISTEN BELL.  Check out what she's been up to the last few days . . .


Kristen was filming a movie in Orlando, and wasn't able to evacuate in time, so she got stuck at her hotel.  She saw a Tweet from her "Frozen" co-star JOSH GAD.  He plays Olaf the snowman.


He said his parents, his brothers, his sister-in-law, his niece, and his nephew were stuck in Florida, too.  So she got them a room at her hotel.


Josh Tweeted, quote, "They don't make them like this girl.  Thank you Kristen.  You are truly an angel sent from above."




And Kristen's heroics didn't end there.  Actress JENNIFER CARPENTER from "Dexter" saw what she did for Josh's family, and asked for some help, too. 


Her aunt and her 82-year-old grandmother were stuck in a house in Tampa.  They had been planning to ride out the storm by hiding in a closet and wearing BIKE HELMETS.  So Kristen got THEM to her hotel, too.


And if that's not enough, Kristen went to a shelter in Orlando and sang the "Frozen" song, "For The First Time In Forever".





Hurricane Irma Randoms: Real-Life Sharknados . . . a Couple With Hurricane Names . . . and Insensitive Music in Baseball


Here's some random craziness related to Hurricane Irma . . .


1.  There's a couple in Washington state who've been married for 75 years.  And their names are . . . Harvey and Irma Schluter.  He turned 104 in July . . . she'll be 93 in November.


2.  The Florida Marlins were playing the Atlanta Braves on Thursday night, and between one of the innings, the song the Braves played was . . . "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions


Obviously, it was a mistake.  The song is in the regular playlist, like it is at pretty much every other stadium . . . and someone just forgot to take it out.  They apologized afterward.


3.  There's a rumor going around that Hurricane Irma could cause a real-life SHARKNADO.  Fortunately, it's not true . . . sharks can sense the pressure from a storm coming and will get the hell out of its way before it comes.


(MSN / CBS Sports /



A Motorcyclist Gets Hit by a Car . . . and Spider-Man Shows Up to Help


Someone in Thailand was riding their motorcycle last Sunday when they veered in front of a truck . . . got NAILED by it . . . and ended up sprawled on the pavement in the middle of a busy road.


There were other cars behind them, so they could have gotten run over.  A big rig actually had to swerve at the last second to miss them.


But luckily SPIDER-MAN was there to help out.  (???)


A street vendor named Wasan Ketsuwan sells flowers on the side of the street, and wears a Spider-Man costume as a marketing gimmick.  (We're not sure how old he is, but he looks like he's in his 40s or 50s.)


He saw the whole thing happen.  And a security camera got footage of him running down the middle of the street with his arms out to get the other cars to stop.


The footage ends right after he shows up, and we haven't seen any updates yet.  But you can see the person on the bike moving around.  So it looks like they were injured, but survived. 


(Yahoo / Coconuts Bangkok)


(Here's the video, and a photo of Wasan in his Spidey outfit.)




If We Let Kids Sleep In, It Would Be Worth $9 Billion a Year and Make Everything in Life Better


NO ONE likes the fact that kids have to wake up so early to go to school.  And according to a new study, it's really DUMB that we keep doing it.


The study found that if school started at 8:30 A.M. and we let kids sleep in a little more, it would add $9.3 BILLION a year to the economy.


The savings come from things like fewer accidents on the way to school by tired drivers . . . and from students doing better in school, which leads to better jobs so they contribute more to the economy in the future.


Right now, the average middle school and high school in America starts at 8:03 A.M. 


(Rand / CBS 47 - Jacksonville)



What's Worse: Being in a Middle Seat . . . or Sitting Next to a Crying Baby?

I'd like to say there's nothing worse than sitting in a middle seat on a long flight, but apparently that's not quite true.  According to a new survey there's ALMOST nothing worse.
Orbitz asked people whether different things are better or worse than having a middle seat.  And people say all of these things ARE actually worse . . .
1.  Sitting next to a crying baby.
2.  Being next to someone drunk.
3.  Sitting near someone who smells bad.
4.  And even being next to someone who's clipping their toenails.
So what's better than a middle seat, besides, you know, an aisle or a window seat?  People say they'd rather be on a plane with such bad turbulence that they THROW UP than sit in the middle.  
(PR Newswire)


Kid Rock Kicked Off a Show with a "Campaign Speech"


KID ROCK kicked off a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan Wednesday night with what can best be described as a Kid Rock-style campaign speech.


He came onstage to "Hail to the Chief", walked up to a podium and ripped into an uncensored rant that was basically red meat for conservatives.  It even rhymed here and there.  It included such nuggets of wisdom as . . .


"If you wanna take a knee or sit during our 'Star Spangled Banner' / Call me a racist because I'm not PC, and think you have to remind me that black lives matter."


"Nazis, [effing] bigots, and now, again, the KKK? / I say, screw all you [A-holes], stay the [eff] away."


"It's no secret we're divided, and we all should take some blame / We should be ashamed that we all seem scared to call him by his name."


"So please almighty Jesus, if you're looking down tonight / Please Guide us with your wisdom and give us strength to fight / To fight the tyrant evils that lurk here and abroad / And remind us all we are still just one nation under God."


"Now let's get down to brass tacks before I hit you with this funk / Like it or not, Hillary Clinton lost and your president is Donald mother[effing] Trump."


"And if Kid Rock for Senate has got folks in disarray / wait 'til they hear Kid Rock for president of the U.S.A. / Wouldn't it be a sight to see President Kid Rock in Washington, D.C. / Standing [in] the oval office like a G, holding my [penis], ready to address the whole country?"


Kid Rock still hasn't officially announced he's running for Senate, and some people think it's all just a publicity stunt.  But he seems pretty serious . . . and if he is, don't expect him to tone things down.


After 2016, the floodgates are open.  The new model seems to be the more bombastic and less substantive, the better.


(Check out an UNCENSORED clip of the speech here.)



Jared Leto Made Himself "Blind" for the "Blade Runner" Sequel


JARED LETO has been known to suffer for his art . . . and he did it again when he played a blind man in "Blade Runner 2049".  Jared had contact lenses that he couldn't see through, and he wore them on the set, even when he wasn't filming.


That means he didn't even see his co-stars during the shoot, and he had to be guided around the set.  But Jared says, quote, "I didn't dive as deep down the rabbit hole as maybe I've done before."


He's probably right.  Jared hung out with homeless junkies in Manhattan to prepare for "Requiem for a Dream".  To play an AIDS patient in "Dallas Buyers Club" he lost 30 pounds . . .


And he basically went psycho on his co-stars when he played the Joker in "Suicide Squad" . . . staying in character and sending them gifts like DEAD RATS.





Hurricane Harvey: Four Showbiz Randoms


1.  The five living former U.S. Presidents . . . Jimmy CarterGeorge H. W. BushBill ClintonGeorge W. Bush, and Barack Obama . . . appeared in a video asking Americans to unite to help the recovery effort for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


The video aired during last night's NFL kickoff game . . . and it benefits their charitable organization 'One America Appeal.' 


If you make a donation through their site, all the money will go to the Houston Harvey Relief Fund, which focuses on the greater Houston region, and the Rebuild Texas Fund, which assists communities across the state.





2.  Speaking of the Harvey relief effort, J.J. Watt's campaign topped $29 million yesterday.



3.  The Edge from U2 has a charity called Music Rising, which provided new instruments to musicians in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.  And naturally, it's now focusing its efforts on raising funds for Harvey relief.



4.  Demi Lovato grew up in Dallas, and has been working to assist the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  She says, quote, "As long as we're doing something to help and make sure that we don't forget about the people in Houston.  


"Weeks are going to pass by, people are going to forget about it and it's important that we don't forget about it, that we continue to help volunteer."  (There's no word what Poot Lovato is doing to help the victims.)



Selena Gomez, Ellen, and Oprah are on "Time's" List of Female Firsts


"Time" magazine dropped a list yesterday of 46 Women Who Are Changing the World.  It's basically a list of women who were FIRST to do something.  It includes a bunch of celebrities, like . . .



Hillary Clinton:  First woman to win a major party's nomination for President.



Oprah:  First woman to own and produce her own talk show.



Selena Gomez:  First person to reach 100 million followers on Instagram.



Serena Williams:  First tennis player to win 23 Grand Slam singles titles in the open era.



Aretha Franklin:  First woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



Rita Moreno:  First Latina to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony.



Shonda Rhimes:  First woman to create three hit shows with more than 100 episodes each.



Danica Patrick:  First woman to lead in the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500.



Barbara Walters:  First woman to co-anchor a network evening news program.



Ava DuVernay:  First black woman to direct a film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.



Ellen DeGeneres:  First person to star as an openly gay character on primetime TV.



Rachel Maddow:  First openly gay anchor to host a prime-time news program.



Gabby Douglas:  First American gymnast to win solo and team all-around gold medals at one Olympics.






Nazzy and Tara Play 5 in 10 to Remind Us to BE PREPARED!


Category 5 Hurricane Irma is leaving mass destruction in her path, and she's even picked up a little bit more strength since passing over islands in the caribbean. More than 90% of the buildings on the eastern Caribbean island of Barbuda have been destroyed. Prime Minister Gaston Browne said, "Barbuda now is literally rubble."
More than 1 million people are out of power in Puerto Rico. Hundreds of thousands of people are under a mandatory emergency evacuation in the state of Florida . . and let's not forget that (now) Hurrican Jose is right behind. 
Each weekday, Nazzy and Tara play a game for a prize. Today, they played 5 in 10 to win a pair of tickets to see Rick Springfield and Richard Marx at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion. They made it topical and informative!!
For more information on how to be prepared, go to




New England Patriots "Touchdown Glass"

Budweiser has teamed up with the New England Patriots and have debuted a brand new Bud Light drinking glass that will light up every time the Pats score a touchdown. Users would have to download an app to their phone and have their glass within 30 feet of their phone, but I don't know many people that are far from their phone, or their game day drink. 
Bud Light will distribute 65,000 glasses to Patriots fans at tonight’s NFL season opener against the Chiefs at Gillette Stadium. 
For those who won’t be able to get a glass at the game, Bud Light will sell 28,300 “Touchdown Glasses” for $17.99 each at
Why 28,000? Well, That number is a tribute to the Patriots’ 28-3 comeback in the Super Bowl.



A Girl Was Late for Her First Day of School, So a Bus Driver Got Her a Cab


This guy didn't do anything huge like save someone's life.  But the story's going viral because LITTLE acts of kindness matter too . . .


A city bus driver in northern England was in the middle of his route this week when he saw a young girl standing in the road all alone, and she was visibly upset.


She looked like she was 11 or 12 years old.  It turned out she'd missed the bus to her first day of school, because she was on the wrong side of the road when it went by.


And she was freaking out because she didn't want to walk in late on her first day.  Obviously you don't want to give the other kids any reason to pick on you, especially on day one.


So the bus driver told her he'd take care of it, and make sure she got there on time.  But he knew she wouldn't make it by bus.  So he called a TAXI instead, and HE paid for it.


The whole thing took about 10 minutes.  He apologized to all his passengers who had to wait.  But a mom who was on the bus with her kids says it was well worth the wait, and he did the right thing. 


(BBC / Facebook)



Alcoholic Breakfast Yogurt Now Exists to Make Your Mornings Way Better or Way Worse


Oh sure, when I drink alcohol for breakfast, it's called a "problem" . . . but when these people introduce alcohol into breakfast, they're called "smart" and "innovative."


A company in England just created a breakfast yogurt that's flavored with gin.  It's not VERY alcoholic . . . only about 0.25% alcohol, or 20 times less than a beer . . . but that's more than the 0% alcohol in your normal breakfast.


There's no word on if or when it could come to America . . . or if some company here is already working on making their own version. 





There's a New Type of Chocolate For the First Time in 80 Years . . . and It's Pink



For our entire lives, there have only been three types of chocolate:  Dark, milk, and white.  But after 80 years with just those three, another color is coming.


A new type of cocoa bean was found in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil . . . and it produces a PINK-colored chocolate.  And a Swiss chocolate company called Barry Callebaut will be the first to use it to make "ruby chocolate."


It should be on sale by next year . . . right on time for Valentine's Day. 




(Here's a picture.)





The Top Seven Money-Related Things We're Stressed About


A new survey found that once again, our crushing DEBT is the #1 money-related thing that stresses us out.  Just under a quarter of Americans say it's their top financial stressor.  Here are the top seven . . .


1.  Debt, 23%.


2.  Everyday costs for things like groceries, 19%.


3.  Healthcare, 18%.


4.  Taxes, 13%.


5.  Housing costs, 11%.


6.  Education costs.  So, things like college and private school, 9%.


7.  Other family-related expenses, 6%.  Meaning things like daycare.


Debt was #1 in 31 states, and also tied for first in Arkansas, Maine, and Montana.


Healthcare was #1 in Alaska, Iowa, Missouri, Oregon, Vermont, and Wisconsin.  Everyday costs was first in Alabama, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, and Ohio.


Taxes came in first in Connecticut, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.  And Hawaii was the only state that ranked education expenses as the #1 financial stressor. 




(Check out a breakdown for all 50 states and D.C. here.)



The New Foo Fighters Album Will Feature . . . Justin Timberlake


DAVE GROHL recently said that the new FOO FIGHTERS album "Concrete and Gold" features, quote, "the biggest pop star in the world."  And now we know who it is:  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.


Justin and Dave were hanging out a while back, and Timberlake was digging the band's new stuff. 


Dave says, quote, "We'd drink whiskey in the parking lot.  He was really, really cool.   Then, the night before his last day, he says, 'Can I sing on your record?  I don't want to push it, but . . . I just want to be able to tell my friends.'" 


So, Dave had him add some 'la la las' to one track . . . and he jokes, quote, "He nailed it.  I'm telling you . . . the guy's going somewhere."


"Concrete and Gold" comes out NEXT Friday. 


Timberlake's vocals are on the title track, and PAUL MCCARTNEY plays drums on a track called "Sunday Rain".




Is This the Least Star-Studded Season of "Dancing with the Stars" Ever?


The new season of "Dancing with the Stars" was revealed yesterday, followed by the inevitable rash of jokes about just what exactly constitutes a "star" over at ABC.  But jokes aside, this might be the LEAST star-studded season EVER.


The biggest names appear to be Frankie Muniz from "Malcolm in the Middle", former NFL receiver Terrell OwensDebbie Gibson, and Nick Lachey . . . whose wife Vanessa is also competing.  Impressed yet?


Well, how about we throw in 68-year-old Barbara Corcoran from "Shark Tank", WWE Diva Nikki Bella, and Sasha Pietersefrom "Pretty Little Liars"?


Still not doing it for you?  What about HGTV superstar Drew Scott from "Property Brothers"?  Then there's former NBA player and coach Derek Fisher . . . plus actor-and-singer-you've-never-heard-of Jordan Fisher.  (No relation?)


Violins are the hot new instrument now, right?  That MUST be why they added violinist Lindsey Stirling to the cast.  And then there's everyone's favorite former Paralympian swimmer Victoria Arlen.


The underwhelming Season 25 action gets underway on September 18th.  (Hollywood Reporter)



10 Amusing Prop Bets You Can Make on the Start of the NFL Season


The NFL returns TONIGHT with the Kansas City Chiefs in New England to take on the Patriots, the reigning Super Bowl champs.  So, you know, be sure to set your fantasy football lineups while you're at work.


If you AREN'T in a football pool this year, "USA Today" has your gambling fix covered.  They just put out a list of amusing prop bets you can make before the season launches.  Here are a few highlights:


1.  The odds that Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell voluntarily shake hands on the field before the game:  7-to-2, or a 22% chance.  So, if you bet $100, you could take home $350.


The two of them shook hands after the Patriots won the Super Bowl . . . but they basically HAD TO in order to avoid an awkward situation.


2.  The Over / Under on 'consecutive seconds' Patriots fans BOO Goodell at tonight's game:  35.5 seconds.  And make no mistake, there WILL be booing . . . they even have the clown towels ready.


3.  The odds on Minnesota Viking fans' reaction to Adrian Peterson, when he shows up with the New Orleans Saints on Monday night:  A standing ovation: 1-to-5 (83.3%) . . . boos: 19-to-1 . . . indifference: 50-to-1 . . . none of the above: 9-to-1.


4.  The odds Aaron Rodgers will still have a mustache:  1-to-3 (75%).  Those are pretty good odds . . . especially since it lookslike he already shaved it off.  (???)


5.  The odds that the Pittsburgh Steelers GO FOR TWO after their first touchdown:  3-to-1 (25%).  They're playing the Browns if that matters, and it probably does . . . they are rivals, and the Browns aren't very good.


6.  The odds that the three worst teams, the Browns, the New York Jets, and the San Francisco 49ers, all WIN:  58-to-1 (1.7%) . . . or all LOSE:  3-to-2 (40%)


7.  The odds that the Browns finish with NINE or more wins, which basically means they make the playoffs for the first time in 15 YEARS:  15-to-2 (15%).


8.  The Over / Under on games the Jets will be favored to win:  0.5.


9.  The Over / Under on missed extra-point kicks in Week One: 4.5.


10.  The odds that Tony Romo is incorrect in his first coach's challenge as an announcer:  3-to-1.  He's making his debut in the Oakland / Tennessee game.


(You can find more props, here and here.  Obviously, the lines on bets like these are always fluid.  It's more for fun than anything else.)


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